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What is this site about?

As a consumer, we live surrounded by thousands of models with different brands of product we depend on our daily lives.

Unfortunately, it can never be easy when comes to deciding which products is the best and perfectly fulfill our needs.

Previously, I’m having a tough time on the same issue when I moved into my new home.

Most of the article I have read did not help on quick decision making because:

One thing for sure, researching for the right product out of hundreds available options online takes a lot of time.

This site, HOUSEHOLDGUY was created for a few important purposes.

The HouseholdGuy aims to provide you an in-depth, reliable and unbias household products reviews and buyer guides.

Most of the users with buying intention just go according to their friends and family member’s recommendation without first doing their own research and going through rating and review of the particular product.

Therefore, before I decided to buy a household gadgets and electronics, I have done a comprehensive research and use them.

After days of research and selecting the best household products such as electric shaver and juicer, some I’ve found issues with durability, impractical features, and comes with hefty price tag.

Thus, I have rounded up the best among the rest and my recommendation is not all about “Top-Range” product because what I’ve found some features does not enhance and improve my experience.

Moreover the fancy features might comes with double the price than other variants from the same model.

Lastly, I want this blog to be the page who needed thorough details to help them making up their mind picking the right product that fulfill their needs and you can find my honest review here on HouseholdGuy.

I hope you enjoy your stay and please take a look. Don’t forget to leave your comment as well. You can contact me via the contact page.

Thank you,

The HouseholdGuy editorial team.

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