Best Kithen Blender: Reviews and Comparison

We have all the best option which worth your money

Best Kithen Blender: Reviews and Comparison

Looking for blender that makes the best smoothies? This article is my honest review about the best countertop and personal bullet blender in the market.

Top Rated Kitchen Blender To Buy in 2019

Besides juicer, blender are also one of the popular kitchen appliances in every household due to the rise of health consciousness and fitness enthusiasts. Nothing is easier than to juice feast out of different fruits and vegetable by using modern blender.

A kitchen Blender doesn’t have to be super expensive to make a perfect smoothie, be it personal blender or countertop model.

Which blender should I buy?

Blenders in the market comes with different features and sizes. Not only that, selecting a perfect puree maker out of thousands of choices will consume your precious time, secondly your money if the durability and performance is not up to your expectation.

We are here helping you to save up your resources and we have been through the hassle of tested out the smoothie machine and getting feedbacks from verified users, making sure it is worth to be on the top list.

Finding you the best match

This article below is my honest up to date review of the best blender available in the market. It is mainly focus on tabletop blender and personal bullet blender in inexpensive range, high powered motor, daily use for making smoothie, milkshake, frozen drinks, and puree.

But before you go through the in-depth review of each blender, I would suggest you to go through the buyer’s guide to understand which blender is the right one within your budget.

If you’ve decided to purchase a blender right now, please proceed to our navigator list of the best kitchen blender below.

Ninja BL660 Kitchen Blender1100Two-In-OnePrice
NutriBullet Pro Kitchen Blender900PersonalPrice
Ninja BL610 Kitchen Blender1000CountertopPrice
Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 Electric Blender900PersonalPrice
KitchenAid Kitchen Blender-CountertopPrice
NutriBullet 600 Electric Personal Blender600PersonalPrice

What are the Top Best Blender to buy in 2019

1. Ninja Professional BL660 - Best Overall Two-In-One Kitchen Blender

The Ninja Professional BL660 is the best overall two-in-one blender or best of both worlds where you can make single serve cup smoothie or switch to jumbo size pitcher for your family.

It is also one of the best selling kitchen blender under $100, which is affordable, at the same time you’ll enjoy using the high performance puree maker.

Design and Feature

The Ninja Professional BL660 has almost similar design compare to BL610 but slightly different on control panel, color and accesories.

Not only it comes with 72 oz jug but this device includes with two 16 oz single serve nutrients cups with lid. It is definitely a must for those who are constantly in hurry and there is lid for to go cup.

Control Panel

The single serve button is an option that dedicate for the single serve cup so that it will not overkill by the power of the high speed button.

The pulse button is great for starting to mix your frozen food or ice because it runs at medium speed therefore, it would crushes and loosen up your ingredient for easier to blend later on high speed setting.

3 Speed Recommendations:

Low Speed: For stir, a good start for chunky ingredients, batters, besides that it will turn ice to snow, (10 - 20 seconds)

Medium Speed: It is intended for chop and mix for making salsa, nuts, veggies, dessert sauce (10 - 20 seconds)

High Speed: For puree and liquify such as making Smoothie, Yogurt, or Protein Shake (20 - 30 seconds)

The amazing Total Crushing technology will crush and pulverize any frozen fruits, ice into soft creamy smoothies in seconds.

One of the important feature available only for BL660 compare to BL610 is the safety jug’s lid will not operate when it is not lock in first place. Once you heard the distinct locking sound, you can now operate the blending machine.

This indeed is a worry free feature that would avoid risking your hands or children getting cut from the sharp blades.

The 72 oz container is more than enough to serve the entire family up to 8 cups. It is perfect for you if need to prepare that amount at a time for party event.

Besides that, you can create personalized single serve smoothies for different preferences.

How powerful is this Ninja BL660?

The motor base is equipped with 1100 watt power vs 1000 watt (BL610). This high wattage is considered as mid-range perfomance and considered more than sufficient for household use.

The 1100 watt power performance is very effective in crushing high amount of ice in the pitcher with three level of two prong stainless steel sharp blades in just seconds.

So pulverizing harder fruits and vegetable will be done in a few seconds.

The base is very sturdy made of aluminium with partial rubbery effect plastic.

This machine can be noisy depending on what you are blending. Crushing ice can be noisier than fruits and vegetable.

Warranty: This blender is device is covered with 1 year warranty only but considering the price under $100 and great performance of creating creamy smoothies.


The Ninja Professional Blender BL660 is one of the best selling two-in-one kitchen blender with great value for money in terms of its power, performance and its versatility to produce individual with single serve cup or family size amount with jumbo size pitcher.

If making smoothies and frozen drinks is your daily needs, this is a right tabletop blender for you and the entire family.

Check Out The Ninja Professional BL660


  • Worth value for money
  • Great blending performance for household
  • Powerful motor for smoothies - 1100 watts
  • Highly praise by the user in review
  • Smooth, creamy texture of juice
  • BPA-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Rust free stainless steel blade
  • Easy to remove blades and pitcher for wash
  • Safety features to avoid unnecessary accident
  • Great looking design
  • Easy to operate


  • 1 year warranty only
  • Not very powerful enough for other usage besides smoothies
  • Does not effectively pulverize leafy greens into fine liquid texture.

2. NutriBullet Pro 900 - Best Personal Single Serve Bullet Blender

The NutriBullet Pro will be our most preferred choice personal bullet blender due to its power, performance and build material which is an upgrade version of the NutriBullet 600.

Nevertheless, the predecessor is still the best selling smoothies maker in the market. Its all depends on your preference if you’re looking for more power personal blender with additional $20 in price tag.

Design And Features

This personal compact blender has sturdy and stronger base which is made of stainless steel and overall design still looks similar to the entry level 600-watts version.

In the box, you’ll be getting larger cup at 32 oz compare to original Nutribullet. It comes with lid and become to go cup when you need more to consume it later at workplace. It is BPA-free and the plastic is shatter-resistance.

The NutriBullet Pro upgraded its blade design which is thicker, and more blades known as the PRO Extractor. It is actually combining the extractor blade and milling blade into one high efficiency blade that can blend and mill dry ingredients into powder.

Equipped with 900 watt motor power, this personal blender capable to crush ice into snow, and pulverize harder fruits and vegetable into chunkless creamy smoothies.

However, the Nutribullet Pro blades is not dishwasher safe, but cleaning is very easy just by water and some soap. The cup and lids can be place on top shelf of dishwasher with only normal mode.

Do take note that there are some reports about leaking and inefficient in crushing ice initially when it was newly launched years ago. Fortunately, the NutriBullet has fixed the issue by releasing new base and stronger blades that capable to crush ice into snow.

What makes the NutriBullet Pro is the best personal blender?

Personal blenders are widely available, but out of all, only two were outstanding. The Nutri Ninja is the closest competitor and both of them performed greatly. Both of them comes with one speed, same watt, almost same size, and one blade attachment.

The key advantage of Nutribullet Pro:

  • NutriBullet Pro’s blade has higher spinning rate up to 25,000rpm (although same watt)
  • More convenient in blending control - Just press it down, twist to start blending and hands free to let it blend at around 45 seconds without needed constantly pressing it down.
  • It comes with larger cup up to 32 oz and more accesories - Very significant to individual who prefer more and comes with variety accesories such as lip rings with handle, flip-top lid to transform into “to go” or travel cup.
  • It produce more fine texture in smoothies leaving small amount of pulp or chunks on fine mesh in pulp test. The Nutribullet’s blade pulverizing seeds better although it still leave tiny particles behind.
  • It is more lightweight but the motor base is build with stainless steel.


No doubt the NutriBullet Pro 900 is the best personal single serve blender I’ve ever tried. It is compact, sleek with minimalist design.

The powerful motor of this machine not only will reward you high quality smoothies and protein shakes, it also can crush ice and perform milling task if needed.

Considering the price at only $80, it performs better than many other single serve blenders with fancy features which comes with higher price tag. Therefore, its worth the value for money.

Check out the NutriBullet Pro 900


  • Adequately powerful - 900watts
  • Easy control - hands free blending
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with larger cup 32oz and 24 oz
  • Great in producing fine smoothies and break down seeds
  • More accesories - 2 colossal cups, 1 emulsifying blade, 2 flip-top lids, 2 handled lip rings, 2 comfort lip rings, pocket nutritionist, hardcover recipe book and user manual.
  • Lightweight


  • Only comes with 1 year warranty
  • Blades is not dishwasher safe
  • Only 1 speed control

3. Ninja Professional BL610 - Best Kitchen Blender under $100

This is one of the best countertop blender under $100. The Ninja Professional Blender 1000 has sleek and stylish design with combination of black, gray and a little silver glossy color finishing definitely looks greats on kitchen countertop.


So why is the Ninja Professional Blender 1000 worth for consideration?

First of all, it is powered by 1000 watt motor that has optional 3 speed from low to high that you have better control over your ingredient.

However, it is not effective enough to liquify greens such as kale and spinach or wheatgrass. You’ll need high end “professional” blender to turn the greens into real smooth texture.

There is a PULSE button on the control panel that function to control panel. When press on the pulse button, it will produce medium speed to chop all produce inside the container with a few spin.

The pulse is very helpful to start chopping or breaking it down when the pitcher is chunky ingredient. The crushing power of pulse can remove unnecessary air pocket as well when there is too much gap from top to bottom.

What is even more amazing is this blender features Total Crushing Technology that are capable to crush ice effortlessly and pulverize fruits and vegetables with 6 sharp spinning blades that results to chunkless smoothies in just seconds.

Besides that, cleaning is very easy as the blades and pitcher are detachable and goes into dishwasher for cleaning. Do take note that the blades are extremely sharp and be cautious of removing the blades by holding the top when pouring the juice out or cleaning.

All parts that contacted with food are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

The pitcher size is large measured at 72 oz which can produce around 6 to 8 servings, sufficient for entire family. However, this blender does not include with single serving cups which I find it significant when any individual prefer different mix for diet.

Warranty: This device is covered with 1 year warranty.


The Ninja Professional Blender 1000 (BL610) is definitely worth the value for money that priced under $100 only if you wish not to spend more than that.

The performance is overall great, maintaining its power at its peak as it is designed to shred, puree and pulverize any soft to hard ingredient such as ice. If you loves to make smoothies and frozen drinksfor family, this is the right blender for you that can produce consistent creamy drinks daily.

Check Out The Ninja Professional BL610


  • Worth value for money
  • Easy to use, intuitive control panel
  • Easy to wash
  • Powerful Blender - 1000 watt
  • Capable to crush ice
  • 6 sharp blades
  • 3 speed setting for better control
  • Great performance for making fine texture of smoothies
  • Good looking design
  • Pitcher, blades and lid are dishwasher-safe


  • Only comes with 1 year warranty
  • No single serve cup included
  • Not effective in liquify greens or seeds

4. Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 - Best Low Budget Personal Blender

This Nutri Ninja Pro is a personal blender that produce single serve amount at a time. It operates with manual way which you’ll need to twist to lock and hold it to blend.

It makes smoothies or milkshake drinks very quick and there are lids available for it to be travel-cups when you’re hurry and drink it later.

Design and Features

The motorized base housing is silver and black color and thats the only color option. The base feels sturdy and nothing feels like its made out of cheap material despite of its price.

The 900 watts power Nutri Ninja Pro comes with only one speed setting but it works effectively to produce good quality of smoothies and other light tasks. The base comes with no button and all you have to do is hold it down manually and it will blend.

It is very easy with usability, just prepare your fruits and vegetables, insert and close the cup with blade attachment, insert and twist on the motorized base and hold it down to start the motor.

Do take note that do not hold it more than a minute to avoid overheating that might cause potential damage to the motor.

Moreover, the Pro Extractor that consist of 6 blades which is highly functional breaking down all fruits, vegetables and even hard content such as ice and seeds. Furthermore the blade can reach up to 21,000 rpm cutting speed that capable pulverize anything into creamy texture.

I like the performance of Nutri Ninja Pro that chops, crush and pulverize everything very quick and you’ll enjoy smooth milk shake or creamy smoothies consistently every single time.

However, during our test with difficult to process ingredient such as seeds, nuts and kale, it still able to produce good smoothies but there is still trace amount of particle and chunks when we filter out with fine mesh.

I personally feel that pressing down and hold the cup while waiting for it to blend is not convenient for everyone especially those who are constantly in rush or impatient.

All of the parts that contacted with food is dishwasher safe and the plastic is BPA-free as well. Do not submerge your motor base into the water.


Overall, the Nutri Ninja Pro BL456 is a high performance and effective single-serve blender that comes with low-budget price at around $60 only. Although its worth value for money, don’t expect it can take on difficult task like thick and dry blending.

Check Out The Nutri Ninja Pro BL456


  • Low-budget blender
  • Powerful single-serve blender
  • Great performance producing quality smoothies
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • BPA-free plastic cup and lid
  • One speed only
  • Very easy to use


  • No buttons
  • No preset speed setting

5. KitchenAid KSB1575 - Best Jug Blender For Smoothies

The KitchenAid 5-speed blender is a mid-range device priced at around $100 as at current review.

It is highly capable and very consistent making great smoothies, milkshakes or even margaritas to serve the entire family.

Design and Features

This blender overall has classic style design with 60 oz square corner shaped pitcher. It offers great quality performance with affordable price.

Moreover, you can customize the KitchenAid out of 20 color option according to your preference and easily matches your kitchen cabinet and appliances as well.

Due to its height (16.5 inches), you can hardly fit it under most mounted cabinet unless it is much higher than that.

The top lid can be function as ingredient cup up to 2 ounce with markings. Its very convenient when you don’t have to reach out for other measurement cup for your mix.

One of the great value you’ll get from this blender is the build quality. The base is build by die cast metal that will last you for years and it feels sturdy. The pitcher is made of high quality polycarbonate which is shatter, scratch, and stain resistant.

This blender is very easy to use as well just like the Ninja blender. You’ll find that the control panel is very intuitive and takes no guessing to run it.

Speed Feature

The KitchenAid comes with 5 speed setting with marking on button with sequence of 1 (Stir), 2 (Chop), 3 (Mix), 4 (Puree), 5 (Liquify). There is a white color LED light to indicate which button you have activated.

The crush ice button will run crushing ice or other frozen food automatically for 30 seconds. It turns ice into snow nicely without any chunks.

If you’re adding in frozen fruits like mango or berries, add in some milk or water then start it with crush ice button and end it with puree or liquify to produce a great smoothies.

However, this blender will not produce a fine liquify juice with leafy greens but just puree.

Comparing to the $400 blender such as Blendtec or Vitamix, this KitchenAid did not leave a huge gap behind or outperform by those model but I’m amazed it managed to deliver high satisfaction result in crushing ice into snow, creamy smoothies and fine texture frozen drinks without any chunks.

Do take note, this KitchenAid and other mid-range performer blender, it can’t take on very thick blend as this will potentially cause clogging or jamming which will result to damage due to overheating.

The KitchenAid will automatically shut-off if it happens to face such problem as mentioned above.

Therefore, make sure you add some water or other liquid before you mix and blend with frozen food, ice or other solid ingredients.

This KitchenAid blender features Soft Start function that runs slower speed whenever the motor starts, it creates high speed vortex effect pulling everything into the blade and start pulverizing out of it by increase to preset speed.

Warranty: 1 year free replacement.


The KitchenAid KSB1575CB is a great standard blender suitable for most household use and its die cast metal base and strong polycarbonate pitcher is build to last for years.

Although this blender is not meant to be replace with high end blender that can withstand almost everything, the KitchenAid’s power and performance is more than sufficient to pulverize out of all fruits and vegetable to produce good quality smoothie drinks.

Check Out The KitchenAid KSB1575


  • Great value for money
  • Great built quality
  • Customize your own color for blender
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Great performance of making smoothies, frozen drinks, turning ice to snow
  • Large size pitcher to serve entire family
  • BPA-free
  • Rust-free stainless steel blade
  • High quality pitcher which is shatter, scratch, and stain resistant.


  • Only 1 year warranty
  • Can’t take on very thick blend
  • Not suitable to liquify leafy greens or fruits

6. NutriBullet 600 - Best Entry Level Personal Bullet Blender

The NutriBullet blender is a very straight forward easy to use, low budget under $100, and equipped with great features that provides convenient daily use. It is one of the best selling and popular single serve blenders in market.

Design & Features

The Magic Bullet’s NutriBullet name is derived from it’s bullet-shaped design. It is build in small size, with gray finishing color on its housing.

The gray metallic look is actually build from plastic material, making it lightweight and portable that weighs at 3.6 pound only.

The NutriBullet is a versatile machine that features various capabilities from shredder, blends, grinds and chops. It can pulverizes tough stems from vegetables, fruits, and superfoods into real fine particles as nutritious smoothies.

Although its just powered with 600 watt motor, but it produces sufficient torque power to blend and grind your ingredient effortlessly breaking it into smooth texture.

The blending process is very quick, it took short amount of time to produce the end result. It is very suitable for those who are always in a hurry in morning.

Personalized blade and cup - This indeed favourable to most of us where you’re preparing different types of smoothies for your family, you don’t have to wash the base or cup meanwhile the next smoothies can be done immediately.

In the box, NutriBullet will include 2 short plastic cup and 1 tall plastic cup (BPA-free), 1 flat blade and emulsifying blade.

For cleaning process, the cups, blades and lids are dishwasher safe. Since the size is compact, it’s so easy to store in any cabinet size or even at office as well.


The cyclonic action from the stainless steel blade mechanism known as the Nutrition Extration that works to break down any hard to soft produce into very fine particles including the fiber and pulp which is beneficial for disgestive system.

Nutriblast is the recipe which is included with this unit that usually recommend fruits and vegetables in ratio of 50:50. Optionally, you can always mix with some yogurt, seeds or nuts.

However, when it comes to shredding greens, you’ll need a little effort to remove some of it that might stuck in the base. A shake will do the trick and continue to blend it.

It will not produce a perfect chunkless smoothies, but it is just right creamy texture with small amount of chunks that you can feel in your mouth.

It is recommended to locate greens at the top and fruits on bottom right next to blades for effectiveness of mixing everything.

The Magic Bullet Nutribullet blender is build to last for many years. The plastic body felt sturdy and durable. Many verified purchased user claim that the performance is very consistent after a few years of usage.

Do take note that do not overfill your cup, make sure all the ingredients, ice and liquid reach to maximum level and below only. Adding water more than the max level may cause leakage.

It can’t take on thick blend as it may cause damage due to overheating.

When to use Extractor Blade and Milling Blade?

The extractor blade is usually the primary blade to produce smoothies. It is effective grind and shredding seeds, harder stems from vegetables and even harder fruits skin that is rich with additonal nutritions value in it.

The milling blade is usually used when you need to milling grains, chopping herbs, nuts and seeds turn into powder form. It can be used to grind coffee as well.


This NutriBullet blender best for beginner and light task only such as making smoothies and protein shakes. Although it only runs with 600 watt, you still get to enjoy good quality smoothies with less chunks texture in it.

If you intend to produce one or two serving only and not particular about high performance, fine creamy texture smoothies, this is the right personal blender for you. You may opt for NutriBullet Pro 900 if you’re looking for high power single serve blender.

Check Out The NutriBullet 600


  • Low budget with great quality blender
  • Compact design and portable
  • It is an effective blender that able to breakdown hard stems, skins, busts the seeds open to smooth texture.
  • It can grind coffee, nuts, seeds in dry form
  • It operates quitely
  • Additional cups for more family member with different mix.
  • Your smoothies cup has lid that can be used for storing purpose.
  • Recipe (Nutriblast) included.
  • Safety function


  • Sometimes if your greens is near to blades it might stuck under it
  • It is not strong enough to crush ice but it works well with small ice cubes. Pre-crushing ice is recommended.
  • sometimes it can leak if the liquid is over the maximum line or if you did not secure it tightly.

Buying Guide - How To Choose A Right Blender (Mid-Priced Range)

No idea which blender to go for? Let me assist you to scope down what feature is important for you by asking yourself a few simple question.

  1. What is the blender’s daily or main task?
  2. What is your budget range?
  3. How many servings you need to produce daily?
  4. If you need to produce several servings for family, do you need single-serve cup as travel cup as well?

Once you got the answer of this questions, it’s easier to decide which model to go for based on my best blender review.

This buyer’s guide of how to choose a right blender will be based on mid-range model which included price ranging below $150, high value, serving capacity, adequately powerful for ice crushing, chop, mix, stir, puree and liquify.

Moreover, the mid-range model I reviewed above has all the standard features you needed for mainly making daily beverage such as good smoothies, milkshake, and frozen drinks .

If you’re looking for high end Rolls Royce blender such as the Vitamix or Blentec, I will update another best of the high end blenders review article in future.

If you’re a beginner with no experience of how to use a blender and ways to make smoothie like a professional, you might want to go through the Blender101 : smoothie making guide

Types of Blender

There are a few types of blender available in the market and for you to understand exactly which type is more practical and suitable for your daily use.

1) Handheld Blender (Immersion)

Its shaped thin and long and the edge is suppose to submerge into cup, jug or container and mix around it. It is meant for light task blending only such as blending soft ingredients for making soup, hot food, sauces and smoothies out of soft fruits only.

It is not convenient as countertop blender because it will not work for grinding, pureeing from harder ingredient and it takes more time and effort to blend. Besides that, it is more suitable for single serve only as it takes more time for small amount of ingredients.

2) Countertop Blender

This is most preferred or popular blender that are commonly use in household kitchen and basically equipped with more features such as stir, chop, puree, liquify your ingredients.

Normally it comes with higher power at least 1000-watts with capability to crush ice into snow. Therefore it is best for simple smoothies with some hard ingredients mixed with soft fruits and vegetables. Other than that, you can make milk or protein shakes, frozen drinks, and magaritas as well.

For leafy green drinks, this countertop blender able pulverize kale, spinach and wheatgrass into creamy texture with a little chunks but not as fine as liquid compare to high performance blender.

However, before blending, it needs to mix with some water because this countertop blender is will not handle well with heavy task such as thick blend, making peanut butter and ice creams. If you do so, it will cause damage to motor due to overheating.

Do take note this model is not suitable to produce baby food as it can’t pulverize into very fine and smooth texture.

The jug blenders usually comes with pitcher that has measurement marking and huge portion enough to produce 5 - 8 servings.

Some popular countertop blender in the market are Ninja, KitchenAid, Oster, Breville and Hamilton.

3) Personal Bullet Blenders (Single Serve)

This personal blender is also popular in among household user and fitness enthusiasts. This blender very suitable for one individual or small size family as it comes with couple of cups and only produce a single serving at each time.

If you’re constantly in hurry in the morning, no worries because it comes with a lid and become travel cup for you to consume while you’re on the way to workplace.

Eventhough the personal blender usually build in compact size, it has sufficient power to crush ice cubes as well.

The motor base personal blender usually powered by 500 to 1000 watts. It has capability to produce protein or milk shakes, smoothies, and frozen drinks.

Although it can take on light task like making smoothies, it is not recommended to go for thick blend and you should add in some liquid before you start your blending.

Do take note some model does not come with control panel button for you to set and you’ll need to manually hold it down to start blending. It is as simple as that.

Some reliable popular brand in the market for personal bullet blender known as NutriBullet, Ninja, and Hamilton.

4) High Performance Blenders

Vitamix or BlendTec are well known to be the high end Rolls Royce blender in the market. They usually comes with very steep price but they are extremely powerful with industrial grade construction that can take on almost everything you throw in it.

Not only they can produce silky texture of smoothies and milkshakes, it can pulverize toughest ingredients and can take on thick blend. It also can be use to make nuts, butters or milk and grind dry ingredients into powder.

The high amount of power capable to pulverize softest ingredient such as leafy greens and tiny seeds. You will get the best silky smooth drinks consistently every single time.

The motor base is normally powered from 2hp - 3 hp, and you can increase the speed gradually which means you’ll have a greater control.

Besides that due to its industrial grade construction, this machine is highly dependable for heavy use. It runs longer time in operation without overheating issues and it last you for years.

Overall, this ultimate top-line blenders is worth for investment if money is not an object.

(This high end blender is not available in this review but will update in the nearest future)

What Basic Features You Need To Look Into?

Motor Power - Watts

If your main purpose of having a blender is to make smoothies, milkshake, magaritas, frozen drinks and other light pureeing task, you’ll going to need at least 500-watts and above.

If you’re particular of getting a smooth creamy drinks, get at least 900 watts and above

However, this countertop or personal blender’s power is not build for heavy task such as thick blend or dry grinding.

Always mix with some water or liquid before you start your blending.


Personal Blender (Single-serve) : 20 to 100 dollars

Countertop Blender: 30 to 200 dollars

High End Blenders: 300 to 800 dollars

If you’re fitness enthusiast or health conscious person that makes smoothies and protein shakes daily, the Personal Blender and Countertop Blender works great for your daily needs.

Ease Of Cleanup

You have to make sure that the jug or pitcher, blades, lids are dish-washer safe or only for manual clean up.

Regardless of dish-washer safe or not, blender usually comes with fewer components compare to juicer and cleaning is much easier and faster.

Do take note that Ninja blender’s blade is different than other and its very sharp, so becareful when in the process of removing the blades for cleaning.

Control Panel

The more speed setting means you have more control over different types of ingredients.

Warranty Period

For mid-range priced blender usually covered with 1 year warranty only.

High end blender usually get worry-free 5-9 years warranty.


Price is not always the factor to determine the quality of its performance. Some pricey blenders we tested produce leftover chunks in smoothies. Besides that, some blender easily gets clogged and unable to crush smaller ice cubes.

Therefore, it is very important to go through reliable online reviews and verified user reviews/rating from Amazon before you decide to purchase any blenders even though it is inexpensive.

What is the difference between Juicer vs Blender?

Both of this machine is fit for you if you wanted to start a healthy lifestyle by increasing intake of fruits and vegetable and getting the best nutrients out of them. But they both are build for different purpose.

So what is the difference?

Now you can enjoy high ratio of nutrients from fruits and veggies in a cup rather than consuming whole form of it. To make it short, if you need to consume 6 servings of fruits and veggies, juicer will extract only juice and turn it into 1 cup.

By juicing, you will get all the enzymes, vitamins and mineral in the most fastest and easiest digestible form.

By this method you will get to enjoy all the nutrient but digestion and releasing it will takes more time due to lower concentration.

You’ll get additional benefit from smoothies as well such as it will makes you fuller and longer period of satiety. This also means that your calorie intake is lower per day and you will experience weight loss if calorie deficit is consistent.

Besides that it aids digestion as well which means the insoluble fiber will absorb more toxins and acts as a broom to sweep the fecal matter out from your intestines.

Final Thoughts

Which is the best blender for me? If your main purpose of getting a blender to make good quality smoothies, the Ninja, KitchenAid and NutriBullet I review above is great choice and you can never go wrong either one of it.

Next is what is the portion you’ll need to produce? There is two-in-one model known as the Ninja BL660 (editor’s choice) which you can produce several servings with 72 oz pitcher or single serve that you can cover with lid as to go cup.

NutriBullet or Nutri Ninja performance is right for you if most of the time you produce one or two servings as they include couple of cups and transform into travel cup if needed.

Most importantly, all of the reviewed blenders is at afforable price range, while the performance is above expectation. In addition, this blenders is highly praised by the users and receive high rating and positive review about it.

I hope after you completed this buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to narrow down your selection and quicken the process in decision making.

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