Best Cordless Vacuum: Reviews and Comparison

If you are looking for wire-free vacuums, we have all the best options here!

Best Cordless Vacuum: Reviews and Comparison

Floor cleaning can be a tedious daily task, but if you have a cordless vacuum which is great in versatility, convenient and strong suction, your cleaning routine now can be done real quick with immaculate results.

The Best Cordless Vacuum You Should Buy in 2019

Not sure which cordless vacuum is reliable for daily quick cleaning? Features powerful suction? Long battery life to cover the entire house?

Choosing the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner should not only provides immaculate performance, and durable but it must be convenient and easy to use as well.

There is a vast selection in the market with different model types such as the stick, handheld, and upright and. I bet you do not want to go through any disappointment of not getting the right one.

The advantages of using cordless vacuum are giving you easy access to clean where the mess is that beyond the cord can reach.

Of all the cordless vacuum we tested, we shortlisted only the best, and each has specific features that they excel at.

Therefore, in this review, we had rounded up a few leading and popular brands such as Dyson, Hoover, Shark, Eufy, and Dibea and listing out their advantages and trade-off to match up with your needs.

But before you go through the in-depth review of each cordless vacuum, I would suggest you go through the buyer’s guide to understand which upright vacuum is in the right range of your budget and expectations.

DeviceTypeBattery Life 
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless VacuumStick/Handheld40 minutesPrice
Shark IONFlex DuoClean (IF201) Cord Free VacuumUpright/Handheld30 minutesPrice
Dyson V7 Motohead Cordless VacuumStick/Handheld30 minutesPrice
Dyson V6 Motorhead Cord Free VacuumStick/Handheld20 minutesPrice
Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless VacuumUpright20 minutesPrice
Eufy HomeVac Cordfree VacuumUpright50 minutesPrice
Dibea C17 2-in-1 Cordless VacuumStick/Handheld40 minutesPrice
Shark Navigator Freestyle VacuumUpright15 minutesPrice

Dyson V8 Absolute - The Most Powerful Cordless Vacuum

The V8 Absolute is absolutely is indeed an amazing vacuum with multiple outstanding features such as 40-minute battery life, HEPA filtration, powerful suction with low noise operation and hygienic dirt ejector without any contact from hands.

The V8 Absolute cord-free vacuum possessed similar look to its predecessor - the Dyson V7 and V6. It improves far better in several features and fixed flaws from Dyson V6 thus making the V8 Absolute the best overall cordless vacuum cleaner.

Convenience and Ease of use

The bin of the V8 Absolute is at higher capacity at 0.54 liters making emptying bin less frequently.

The most significant improvement of this brand new V8 Absolute is battery life now been doubled to 40 minutes of fade-free suction thus making it more convenient.

The V8 Absolute weights only at 5.7 pounds, most of the components such as motor and body built around the grip, so it’s effortless to maneuver and less tiring as the weight is well-balanced.

On the grip itself, there is a trigger for you to operate when cleaning. On the downside, the grip is made of hard plastic and sometimes will cause slightly uncomfortable to your thumb when you use it for a more extended period.

One of the most amazing parts is it isn’t just for floor cleaning.

The V8 Absolute vacuum can easily convert from stick to handheld making it easier for spot treatment or cleaning difficult areas like on the sofa or bookshelves or directly attached with the orange extension tube for vacuuming lower or higher area.

Plus, it features swivel steering mechanism on the cleaner head making it easy to maneuver and it can fits easily under most furniture.

Other than that, changing different cleaning head is straightforward to be done where the release clip is on the accessory head.

After the cleaning session and if your bin is about to full, just pull upwards the clip located above the bin which will open up the lid at the bottom to discharge any dirt inside.

The Dyson hygienic dirt ejector is an improved system which is merely convenient when cleaning the bin without any hand contact on the dirt.

Features and Performance

Absolute equipped with digital motor V8 and 2 Tier Radial cyclones to ensure no loss of power suction and capture a massive amount of fine particles at a time.

The V8 Absolute is equipped with one of the most powerful motor spinning at 110,000 RPM and suction power at 115 air watts (Max Power mode), and operating with lower noise at around 75 dBa, a massive improvement from its predecessor, the V6.

You can have a normal conversation on the phone and or in the same room while using the V8 vacuum.

Regarding cleaning capability, Dyson V8 able to entirely wipe the fine sand spilled on the hard floor.

Using the soft roller cleaner head with a little pressure, the powerful suction removes every fine debris in one go and left the spotless floor shine. It cleans efficiently on hard floors.

The direct-drive cleaner head works the best on the carpet surface. Collecting dirt or animal fur effortlessly with the powerful rotating bristles deep into the carpet, lifting every debris draw into the cleaner head.

Max Power mode is to provides you even more powerful suction level that will last you seven minutes continuous operation.

The post-motor filter has been improved and known as the HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) that helps capture allergens through the filter while releasing back the cleaner air.

The HEPA filtration is certified capable of capturing up to 99.97% of particles including bacteria and allergen as small as 0.3 microns. It means the air released from this machine is cleaner than the air you breathe.

The Dyson V8 Absolute cord-free vacuum comes with the accessories - direct-drive cleaner, soft roller cleaner, combination tool, mini motorized tool, crevice tool, and the mini soft dusting brush.


The V8 Absolute cordless vacuum is definitely giving you a first class performance on cleaning hard floors to carpeted areas without any slight problem.

It is a highly versatile vacuum machine with the ability to clean the whole house with immaculate results, moreover with the improved battery life is added advantage going extra mile cleaning difficult area.

Furthermore, it is very convenient with dual-function vacuum cleaning from floor to ceiling by just shifting other accessories or handheld.

Despite the hefty price tag, the Dyson V8 Absolute offers you a belt-free, easy maintenance vacuum that is built to last many years. Nevertheless, this is the best of the best cordless vacuum that comes with power, versatility and amazing features which absolutely worth for the investment.

Check out the Dyson V8


  • Powerful Fade Free Suction
  • Long battery life up to 40 minutes
  • Great cleaning ability and maneuverability
  • Improved bin emptying without any contact from hands.
  • Great tools for all cleaning task
  • Amazing HEPA air filtration


  • Hard plastic on the grip cause skin irritation in long usage
  • Expensive

2. Shark IONFlex DuoClean Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum (IF201) - Best Cordless Stick Vacuum like Dyson

The Shark IONFlex DuoClean is a super lightweight vacuum that delivers impressive performance not far apart from the direct competitor, the Dyson V8.

Many reviewed it as the best cordless vacuum due to the nozzle easy reach difficult area such as under couches and bed thanks to Multi-Flex technology. Moreover, it delivers more suction power in eco-mode compared to Dyson V8.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The 3.5 hours duration of battery charging will give you 30 minutes run time while the max power will last around 15 minutes which is quite impressive.

There is a battery life indicator which is very convenient for you to plan on completing your cleaning task.

The Shark IONFlex is equipped with swivel steering neck for you to maneuver easily under the table, and around chair’s leg.

The super lightweight of this cordless vacuum will not give any sore to your hands as it weights 8.7 pounds only.

The MultiFlex Technology enables you to bend the middle wand with flexible mechanism setting around 70-90 degrees in “L” shape for further access under furniture and bed.

Another plus point of this vacuum is it does have LED headlight to assist you on the low light area.

No doubt the IONFlex vacuum is highly versatile which can do beyond floor cleaning for you. It can be converted into a handheld for light and easy cleaning above the floor.

The IONFlex produces 70dB of noise during operation. Therefore, you can do quick cleaning at any time and anywhere without any concern of having a normal conversation or while your child is sleeping.

Storing the Shark IONFlex unit is very convenient as you can park it anywhere with the freestanding mode.

Do take note that it will not be freestanding without bending the handle down to the vacuum head.

The dust cup is quite small measured at 0.3 dry quarts capacity. It is recommended to empty your dust cup regularly.

Emptying dust from dirt cup is easy as well. Firstly release the wand out from the main unit, there is a button right beside the dirt cup to release the lid.

However, there will some leftover dust and hair wrapping around the mesh cylinder, and you have to remove it manually.

The Shark IONFlex is equipped with a triple filter to minimize allergen releasing back to room atmosphere. It is very suitable for those who suffer from allergy. Besides that the filter is washable, so you do not have to replace it.

For filter maintenance wise, remove the pre-filter located right above the dirt cup. One is made of sponge, and one is mesh. Just rinse it with tap water and leave it to dry for 24 hours. Clean it on a monthly basis.

Do take note to remove debris from bristle brush roll regularly especially if you have pets at home. Tips for easy remove hair and dust is using scissors to cut it in between and pull the hair out.


The IonFlex DuoClean features a soft brush roll fixed in front of the vacuum head that will effectively pick fine and larger particles from the bare floor while the bristle brush-roll works the best to clean carpet area.

On the bare-floor, IonFlex DuoClean capable of capturing most of the fine particle in fine powder test. Just a single pass it provides an immaculate result even better than some corded vacuum that needed a couple of passes.

However, on the low-pile carpet this vacuum picking most of the fine powder but leaving some trace amount behind.

It is fantastic that the soft brush roll is spinning on the floor giving a shining polish effect.

This vacuum performed with an excellent result on capturing a pile of rice. With the DuoClean feature of the soft brush with the larger opening indeed collecting a pile of rice just in one pass back and forth leaving it spotless clean on a hardwood surface.

A 30 minutes runtime is sufficient for quick cleaning around the house and capable of covering more than 1500 square feet.

Added with an advantage if you have an extra battery to replace to prolong your cleaning session but it cost $100 which is quite expensive.

The Shark cleans the edges quite well leaving a minimal amount of debris behind with a pass back and forth. Max power mode is needed for less hassle cleaning.

The accessories that come with this vacuum is Duster Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Wide Upholstery Tool, Anti-Allergen Dust Brush, 1 battery and charger.


The Shark IONFlex Duoclean (IF201) is a great all-rounder cordless stick vacuum that delivers excellent results on a bare floor and low pile carpet. It is straightforward to use and highly versatile cleaning from the floor to ceiling.

Although it comes with a high price tag, the IONFlex is built with the robust material, practical features and powerful for quick cleaning.

Check out the Shark IONFlex DuoClean


  • It is relatively lightweight vacuum
  • Powerful suction
  • Swivel steering vacuum head
  • Compact freestanding vacuum easy to store
  • MultiFlex Technology to reach low area
  • Washable filters
  • LED light to assist in low light areas
  • 2 cleaning mode for barefloor and carpet
  • Great cleaning performance
  • Battery life indicator
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Triple filters for better air quality


  • Additional battery is expensive
  • Battery is recommended to cool down before recharging
  • Small dirt cup
  • Battery life is short if included with max power and normal mode cleaning
  • It can’t stand upright without folding it to freestanding mode.
  • No HEPA filters

3. Dyson V7 Motorhead - Best Vacuum For Carpet

The Dyson V7 Motorhead is a great 2-in-1 function cord-free vacuum to convert it either be an upright by attaching the extension tube or attach the narrow finisher to be a handheld unit.

The V7 handheld vacuum handles well on stairs even if has small, awkwardly shaped steps as well.

Convenient and Ease of Use

The V7’s attachment release button is built on the accessories tool’s body instead of the main unit’s. Dyson improves it to make it easier to push in and releases smoothly.

This vacuum has a swivel neck making it constant contact on the surface for maximum suction performance while maneuvering around the problematic area.

The battery life of one full charge requires 3.5 hours that will last you 30 minutes of fade-free suction performance with the Direct Drive cleaning head attached.

It provides more than sufficient battery life for quick cleaning at 1000sf area including floor, ceiling, and stairs before returning into mounted dock station for charging.

Noise reduction on V7 is significantly improved lower than the V6 by 50% difference (v6 = 150dB and V7 = 75dB).

The Dyson V7 Motorhead features a more hygienic bin emptying system without any contact from hand cleaning the excess dust sticking in the bin.

The bin designed to be shorter but wider with 0.54-liter capacity which is quite large for few rounds of cleaning.

Ejecting the dirt from the bin is very easy by pull up the clip and lid opens from the bottom at the same time scraping off the dust that usually stuck in the bin like the issues from V6.

The Max Power mode button has swift from rear to the top of the main body. Instead of holding the button like its predecessor, now you can just flip it left to right to activates it. No more sore fingers!

Do take note that max suction power will last for 6 minutes only.

However, the issue from the V7’s handle will still cause skin irritation at the thumb at frequent use due to its made of hard plastic.


The Dyson V7 Motorhead has 75% more brush bar power compared to the V6, simply means the brush bar rotation includes with more force or torque.

Moreover, the V7’s direct-drive’s brush bar power is a significant advantage that enhanced the overall cleaning capability.

The brush bar power with higher force shows significant differences when gliding onto low pile carpet with a lot of dirt or pet hair underneath that usually causing traction that will slow down the rotation if its lack of brush bar power. The V7 never fail to maintain it’s power at peak at all times.

It works incredibly well on the carpet. The direct-drive cleaner head that uses stiff bristle lift and picking up dirt in the carpet and rugs effectively by just single pass back and forth. The rice was thrown across the carpet, and the V7 cleans the carpet in two passes.

It works very well harden wood floor as well as exceptionally fine particles to slightly larger particles such as oats, cereal, and sands. One single pass to clean the floor spotless.

On the edges on hard floors, the V7’s managed to clean up the dust with no problem, the Max Power Mode gets the sides cleaned exceptionally well with the very fine dust.

The stiff carbon bristle brush picks up the fine powder between the tile’s gap efficiently.

However, some review from users reported that the V7 does not maneuver smoothly on the rugs.


Dyson has brought up a model that sits in between V6 and V8. Considering cost, values, and features comparing side to side, the V7 Motorhead is a bargain.

The Dyson has better agitation compare to its predecessor and gives you longer operation time.

Although the suction power of V7 is slightly lower than its siblings, the motorized brush-bar has more power. The stiff bristle brush is ideal for cleaning pets hair, easily reach for power max mode at your fingertips.

The V7 weighs at 4 pounds, the lightest in among Dyson’s high-end series. Now your cleaning task would be much easier and hassle-free to access any corner of your home.

Check out the Dyson V7 Motorhead


  • Great floor and carpet cleaning.
  • Well balanced overall and light weight
  • Great for handling pet hair
  • Easy bin emptying
  • Comes with different cleaning accesories
  • very versatile and easily convert into handheld


  • Expensive
  • Even though with its battery life upgrade from its predecessor, the runtime is still short for bigger house.

4. Dyson V6 Motorhead - Best Vacuum for Small Apartment

Dyson V6 Motorhead is a powerful cordless stick vacuum that can be converted into handheld similar to V8 Absolute.

This machine is a newer model of V6 weighs only 5 pounds which is very ideal for quick house cleaning.

If you are exhausted and having arm pain due to carrying your heavy corded vacuum around your home, spend a few minutes get to know about the great features and advantages of the Dyson V6 Motorhead.

Convenience and Ease of Use

With its lightweight at only 5 pound, it is slightly lighter than the V8 due to battery capacity.

The V6 is built with weight around the handle like most of the Dyson cordless vacuum, making it well-balanced with the stick.

The trigger mechanism is right at the grip for you to engage the motor for runtime whenever you needed. It is very convenient as you can maximize the cleaning around your house with 20 minutes of battery life which is sufficient for quick cleaning.

The pivoting vacuum head makes it easy access to almost all spaces under sofa or cabinet and convenient to maneuver around to clean mid to high-up surface of cabinet and ceiling.

Moreover, the dual-function of this machine enables you to convert it into a handheld vacuum at breeze for smaller areas or spot treatment like the car interiors.

Although 20 minutes of usage sounds quite short, it is very sufficient to do quick cleaning around your house such as a balcony, living room and in your car. It can be a great supplementary vacuum for routine use.

After finished quick cleaning session, it is advised to place it back to the docking station for charging. A full charge requires three and a half hour.

The Dyson V6 bin volume is 0.4 liters, it is sufficient for 20 minutes to clean up.

When it comes to emptying the bin, Dyson advertises emptying the bin is hassle-free. However if most of the dirt consists of dust, it will stick on the plastic shell and inner filter which is made of plastic as well.

This is due to static-charged dust effect will cling on plastics.

Therefore you have to disassemble the whole bin to clean it thoroughly.

Features and Performance

The Dyson V6 features a digital motor that has 2 Tier Radial cyclones, which effectively clearing a tremendous amount of dust at one time.

The V6 Motorhead built with 2 speeds, at normal operation, the suction power measured at 28 air-watts and it can boost the maximum suction power up to 100 air-watts. Although it is powerful and fun to use, the Max Power mode it will last up to 6 minutes only.

This DysonV6 Motorhead only comes with only one motorized attachment, which known as the direct drive cleaning head. It has 75% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 cord-free vacuum (basic model of V6)

As a result, the V6 Motorhead pulls up more dirt and leaves no visual trace of any debris.

However, this bristle brush cleaner head only works best on the carpet. You might find it slightly tricky on picking larger debris on a hard surface or on the hardwood, but it still works well with fine dirt.

Aside from its excellent performance, the price is lower than another variant, the V6 Animal and the V6 Absolute. All variants use the same motor and run time.

The only difference between them is addition 2 extra cleaning accessories from the V6 animal, and the V6 Absolute comes with a complete set of accessories including 2 motorized head and HEPA filter which I personally feel it is not worth the value.

You might as well opt for V8 Absolute as the price is not steep for an upgrade.

The accessories that comes together with the V6 Motorhead - Direct-drive cleaning head, docking station, combination tool, and crevice tool.


If most your home mostly covers with carpet flooring inside, the V6 Motorhead is the right vacuum for you, and it works very well on hard floor surface as well. It falls into an affordable range of Dyson’s vacuum if you wish to have an alternative to V7 or V8

Although with only 20 minutes of run time, it is suitable for a smaller living area like an apartment or as your supplemental vacuum for larger houses.

However, if you’re looking for a complete set of accessories, more power, and longer battery life, you may opt for V8 Absolute which is worth the value and the best out there.

Check out the Dyson V6 Motorhead


  • Very light and Easy to maneuver
  • Lower Price for better efficiency and reliable Dyson V6
  • Outstanding performance on carpet cleaning via direct drive cleaner head.
  • Pivoting vacuum head easily access into difficult area
  • No dust bag, the bin can be rinsed with water
  • Cordless - without cables attached
  • High suction power for better cleaning performance.


  • Lower battery life only at 20 minutes
  • A little issue in ejecting dirt from bin
  • smaller dust capacity
  • Higher noise level when operating at around 85 db at normal setting.
  • It does not come with HEPA filter unless it is V6 Absolute model.

5. Hoover Linx BH50010 - Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

The Hoover Linx BH50010 is a lightweight cordless vacuum that makes your quick cleaning routine much more manageable. This machine will give you a great job at cleaning carpet and decent performance on hard surface picking up all sorts of dirt that we tested.

With the battery life that will last up to 15-20 minutes, The BH50010 can be your best supplementary vacuum if you need a quick spot cleaning.

It has wide enough head to give a few passes back and forth around your home if you have a smaller living area like an apartment.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The Linx bh50010 works best on carpet or rugs at home especially if you have pets and the hair it conveniently picking up the hair and dirt easily by just turn on the brush bar.

Switching the ON/OFF power or ON the brush-roll just above the handle near your fingertips.

The Hoover Linx can easily reach under the furniture and difficult area due to low profile nozzle.

The vacuum head does have a swivel neck but not very flexible; therefore, you have to depend on two rear wheels to maneuver around.

However, Hoover Linx bh50010 might not be ideal on cleaning stairs because of the longer length of the stick, so you have to pick up the 7-pound vacuum up step by step and not really practical on stair steps due to broad cleaning head sized at 11 inch.

The noise level of this vacuum is around 75dB which is quiet compared to other vacuum.

Regarding maintenance, you have to eject the battery from the unit and place it on charging station. It’ll be convenient if you have an additional battery to replace once it runs out.

There is a battery gauge display if you need to check how much battery life is left.

One full charge of BH50010 will takes up to 3 hours of charging and will provide 15-20 minutes run time.

However, leaving the battery charging for extended periods may lead to damage, so it is inconvenient if you need to be away from home.

The dirt container might be a hassle to clean up. Once the dirt container is full, simply just detach it from the stick and open the lid right above the dustbin.

The heavier particles will drop into trashcan except for the dust and hair most likely will get stuck around the red baffle tube in the middle of dirt container. Therefore, you’ll have to pull it out with your hands manually.

The Hoover company recommends you to get the filter clean everytime you clear off the dirt container by clean it with cool water.

Clean up the brush roll regularly as well to avoid any dirt and hair tangles up on the brush roll that might risk scratching on your wooden floor or stalling the motor head.


The Hoover Linx BH50010 cable free vacuum delivers great result on cleaning carpet and rugs especially when the brush bar is activated by just pushing second power setting.

The brush bar goes in-depth into the carpet and lifts up any particles for more effective cleaning.

The fine particles such as powder and sands were tested on the carpet as well, and it did a fantastic job of clearing the path by a single back and forth even though there is slightly some debris left behind, but overall it performed great as a cord-free vacuum.

If you have pets at home, this vacuum’s brush roll will do a decent job cleaning pet hair as well, even though it needed a couple of passes back and forth will get the job done.

You will be amazed that Hoover Linx vacuum equipped with the edge cleaning bristles that capable to takes out any dirt and hair from edges very well.

Therefore, there is no need to get a handheld to clean up the edges.

While on the hard surface, the Linx able to pick up almost all sizes of the particle from fine to larger ones on the floor surface which is quite amazing with no issue at all.


The Hoover Linx BH50010 is the right cordless vacuum for you if you have small to medium sized homes and having pets indoor. It is best for quick cleaning for a smaller area like in the room or balcony.

For lower price range at around $100 and additional interchangeable batteries, I will consider Hoover Linx BH50010 as the best floor only cordless upright vacuum.

All in all, it is a very decent vacuum that performs greatly on carpet and floor surface with 11 inches wide vacuum head makes your cleaning faster.

Check out the Hoover Linx BH50010


  • Light weight cordless vacuum (7.2 pounds)
  • Great suction power
  • Cleaning advantage on carpet, rugs and bare floor
  • Great in dealing with animal hair, fine to larger particles
  • Washable filter
  • low noise operation at 75 dB


  • Messy when cleaning up the dirt container due to clearing hair and dust off the red baffle tube.
  • The vacuum head can’t swivel well.
  • Air that expelled from vacuum is quite dirty.
  • Hard to carry to clean on stairs due to long stick.
  • Short battery life - 15 - 20 minutes
  • Although it has low profile vacuum head, however due to size of dirt container, it will limit the reaches deep into cabinet and furniture.
  • Build quality might not last for years as reported by some users in review
  • Floor only vacuum
  • Animal hair might stuck in brush-roll.

6. Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless - Longest Run Time Cordless Vacuum

Eufy brand is popular of their cordless vacuums, portable gadgets, batteries, and others. The Eufy Homevac is also built with powerful suction, easy to use and surprisingly long battery life that worth to be rank in the list of best cordless vacuum.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The Eufy HomeVac is equipped with large dirt cup at 0.9-liter capacity which is fantastic you don’t have to empty the bin frequently.

To empty the dirt cup, it is quite easy in the process. First press on the “release” button, push down the lid at bottom the dirt cup, shake it off.

The HomeVac’s vacuum head is built with swivel steering that provides you an easy to maneuver and capable of rotating 180 degrees around difficult areas such as around the chair and table’s legs, under furniture.

The motor operates in relatively low noise, and it will not disturb anyone from sleeping in the early morning or night time.

Thanks to its lightweight measured at 5.8 pounds, you can glide it easily anywhere with a single hand and no issue at all lifting it to the first floor if needed.

Moreover, there is a built-in LED headlight at the vacuum head to assist in spot cleaning and enhance your vision in the low light places such as under the bed and cabinet.

Do take note to check the brush bar everytime you have done your cleaning especially when handling lots of hair from the animal because it might cause clogging.

This vacuum package does come with a wall mount, but it will not charge the vacuum automatically when mounted; instead, you need to plug in power cord manually for charging.


The Eufy HomeVac vacuum is equipped with 28.8V power with a cyclonic suction system and 2200 mAh ion battery. It delivers a very powerful suction that cleans in one pass back and forth makes cleaning real quick and hassle-free.

There are two buttons located near the handle, one is for high power setting (22 minutes runtime), and another is the eco-mode setting which lowers the suction power but double the amount of runtime.

On the high power mode, it works excellent in low pile carpets and rugs. The bristle brush rotation is picking up hair and dirt from carpet very well in one pass. However, if your pet heavily shed and leaving a massive pile of fur on the mat, you might need a couple of passes to clean it.

Even though Eufy HomeVac runs with powerful suction, it will still struggle with thick carpet for efficient cleaning. A powerful corded vacuum will get the job done well in this case.

One the eco-mode, the Eufy HomeVac did a fantastic job on the hardwood, and the bare floor was clearing up the path with dust, fine particles by just one pass. You might want to swift to high power mode if the dirt is piled up in a particular area and it will clean up with a breeze.

With the great suction power, this vacuum capable of picking up bigger particle such as dog food and crumbs on the bare floor.

You will be amazed how quick this HomeVac battery recharge. It takes only 2 Hours for a full charge that will last you 50 minutes (Eco-mode) runtime which is one of the most extended battery life available in the market.

A fully charged battery life is capable of vacuum entire 2500 square feet house in bare floor and carpet. Needless to empty the bin as well as there is more space to go for the next vacuum session.

However, there is no replacement battery provided by the company if the vacuum’s battery is depleted or malfunction. Fortunately, if your vacuum is still under warranty, the issue will be solved immediately by a responsive support team.

The HomeVac vacuum features a double filter system. The pre-filter is on the outer layer while the inside is the high-performance filter (HEPA-Style).

What do you get in the package?

The Eufy HomeVac Vacuum, AC power adapter, wall mount, and mounting accessories, welcome guide and worry-free 15 month warranty.


The Eufy HomeVac is more than just a cordless vacuum. It has powerful suction, lightweight for maneuverability and easy to access any difficult with the support of LED light.

It has one of the best battery life up to 50 minutes runtime more than sufficient for you to do cleaning if you have a bigger house.

Although the vacuum has a minor issue and complaint from the users especially of the brush bar breaks down, the very responsive support team will ensure your problem fixed at the end of the day.

This vacuum is built merely for floor cleaning only - bare floor, hardwood, and carpet, but not suitable for cleaning car interior, ceiling or top furniture surface due to no attachment provided.

Check out the Eufy HomeVac


  • Affordable Price - great value for money
  • Long battery life - Up to 50 minutes runtime for eco-mode, 22 minutes for high power mode
  • Quick charging - up to 2 hours for full charge.
  • High suction power
  • Large dirt cup - holding dirt up to 0.9 liters of capacity
  • LED lights as head lamp
  • Easy to empty dirt cup


  • No attachments provided for other task cleaning
  • Have to manually clean the pre-filter that usually hair and dust wrap around it
  • Brush roll is reported to have durability issue.

7. Dibea C17 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum - Best Inexpensive Cordless Vacuum Similar to Dyson

The Dibea C17 is an affordable range of vacuums with a high-end specification. The design looks similar to Dyson V8 such as the grip with trigger design, motor and dirt cup component built around the handle, detachable wand and accessories tools.

However, concerning price, the C17 is four times cheaper.

Convenience and Ease of Use

The C17, build with a small dust cup measured at 0.35L which means you have to empty the dust cup regularly.

During the cleaning session, this machine produces low noise level at around 70dB which is quite comfortable for you having a normal conversation.

The Dibea C17 only weighs 5 pounds, very lightweight compared to many other stick vacuum out there. It is very convenient to carry it to upstairs and easily maneuver all around including above floor cleaning.

The C17 is a very versatile vacuum that you can convert the stick vacuum into handheld to manage difficult areas like on the shelves, in your car, stairs, and mattress.

Just like Dyson’s head vacuum, the Dibea C17 features swivel steering that able to maneuver the pivoting head 120 degrees around table legs and bend into tight spaces.

Here is what this vacuum can do better than Dyson stick vacuum, the trigger mechanism. The Dyson V8 for instance, to operate the vacuum you have to press on the trigger continually and releasing it will stop the motor.

The Dibea C17, however, works differently, pressing the trigger once and release the eco-mode speed, squeeze the trigger for the second time is the max power mode, and the final is to turn off the motor.

Thus, you just have to focus your cleaning without worrying your finger is getting sore later.

The Dibea C17 has featured 2200mAh Li-on battery that will provide you 40 minutes of runtime (setting 1) in Eco mode, the setting 2 is maxed power mode delivers 25 minutes of fade-free power.

The charging duration to full will take up to 4 hours and the three green lights flashing that indicates it is fully charged.

The remarkable runtime of this Dibea C17 enables you to cover up most area of your house up to 2000 square feet and above for quick cleaning.

The docking station can be wall mount for easy storage and recharge after your quick cleaning session.

The Dibea C17 filtration includes with HEPA filter that you will appreciate for better air quality expelled out and high efficiency of capturing micro size particle up to 0.3 microns.

Make sure both the filter and brush-roll is clean to avoid any unnecessary clogging which would compromise the suction power of the vacuum.


The Dibea C17 cordless vacuum claims their motor powered with 120 watts that produce 7 kilopascals of suction.

How strong exactly the suction power if compared to Dyson V8?

Well, it is difficult to tell regarding specification given between kilopascal and air watts. But from the motor noise produced, the Dyson indeed sound much more powerful in low-frequency level.

The build of the Dibea C17 vacuum motorized head equipped with bristle brush bar which is softer than the Dyson and Hoover’s.

Looking under the motorized vacuum head construction, the beater bar’s length is shorter than expected, leaving it a nearly two-inch gap at the side of the frame which will affect the cleaning accuracy and more gliding needed as the cleaning surface is not wide.

Another concern of the design flaw of the C17 motorized head where the mini roller is positioned in front side to side of the vacuum head frame. This will positively affect the cleaning performance when the mini roller was blocking the debris from getting into the nozzle.

Picking up a pile of larger particles such as oats, it performs moderately as the very low profile head pushes the oats forward but will eventually clear up everything provided gliding the vacuum head slowly.

For hardwood or bare floor cleaning, the C17 indeed did a good job capturing fine dust for a single back and forth pass.

But when it comes to clear up a pile of oats or rice, it did not perform well as the low profile head just pushes the oats and rice forward and having difficulty to pull everything in smoothly.

Besides that, the front mini roller creates a snowplowing effect when the vacuum head is gliding towards. More patient and effort needed when handling this situation.


The Dibea C17 Cordless 2 in 1 Lightweight Stick Hand is worth value for money considering of its built quality and performance on cleaning bare floor and carpet.

If you are in budget constraint, this is the right cordless vacuum for you that does all necessary job for you. It is a great bargain considering from the performance perspective, and it just cost around $120.00

Although it did not do well with larger particles and creating snow plowing, all you need is some patience and effort to clean up a few more pass.

Check out the Dibea C17 2-in-1


  • Decent performance cleaning low pile carpet, rugs and bare floor
  • Swivel steering head makes it easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight vaccum (5 pounds)
  • Press and release the trigger button to activate the motor without holding it
  • Easy to clean up dirt up
  • Great suction power
  • HEPA filter
  • Great battery life especially max power mode
  • Low noise operation


  • Soft bristle brush roller might not effective on carpet cleaning
  • 2 inches gap between the vacuum head and brush roll affects cleaning precision and weak in edges cleaning
  • Small dirt cup
  • Low profile vacuum head difficult to handle larger particles.
  • Flaw design of the mini roller build right infront side to side of the vacuum head will cause snow plowing.

8. Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106) - Best Budget Cordless Vacuum For Carpet and Animal

If budget is your primary concern in selecting a good quality vacuum, the Shark Navigator Freestyle just cost under $100.

Besides that, this cordless vacuum cleaner has been many user’s preferred choice for quick cleaning on the hard surface, carpet, and rugs.

Convenience and Ease of Use

To switch on the Shark Navigator vacuum, it uses foot-switch and button is right on the vacuum’s head. It is convenient you don’t have to bend down to turn it on.

The Shark Navigator Freestyle is a cordless, bagless, that equipped with easy-to-empty XL dirt cup and quick maintenance washable filter.

The swivel steering nozzle head enables you to maneuver your vacuum effortlessly around your house and reaching under cabinet and furniture with no issue at all due to its low profile vacuum head design.

With its lightweight measured at 7.5 pounds, it is one of the factors makes it easy to move it around your home.

Charging time of this cordless vacuum will take only 4 hours. A full charged Shark Navigator Freestyle provides you 15 to 17 minutes run time before you need to place on top of charging base adapter.

Needless to worry if you are away from home while charging, it won’t cause any damage to the battery as it uses NiMH battery. Once its full, it will stop charging.

A single charge of this vacuum is sufficient for you to cover around 1500 square feet for quick cleaning.

The low noise operation of this Shark Navigator measured at around 80db during operation, and you don’t have to turn it off for conversation across your home.

Another benefit using this vacuum is you don’t have to clear the dirt cup frequently due to its extra-large 1.5liter capacity.

However, you will need to check the motorized brush, and filter system regularly if cleaning required. Not keeping this component clean can cause clogging from dirt or hair, thus leading to motor failure.

For filter cleaning part, there are two of them. One is the mesh filter located above the dust cup, and another one is a foam filter located at the bottom.


Do take note this the Shark Navigator Freestyle available in two versions, the 10.8 volt SV1106-N and the 14.4 volt SV1106.

The 10.8 volt SV1106-N has a weaker suction, therefore be aware if you have decided to buy Shark Navigator, choose the right version that I’m recommending, the 14.4 volt SV1106.

The foot-switch power button has 2-speed settings, dedicated to the hard floor surface and carpet.

The powerful suction setting is for carpet and rugs so the motorized brush bar will spin faster and powerful suction and noisier. The second setting is for a hard surface like floor or hardwood, you will notice the noise will get lower.

As for carpet cleaning performance of the Shark Navigator, it will not give you an excellent deep cleaning like a strong corded vacuum.

But if you vacuum regularly a few times a week with this cord-free vacuum, it will perform very well to cover your needs.

The powerful corded vacuum can be used once in a while for great deep cleaning.

Besides that, it has a larger opening on nozzle enables to capture bigger debris as well.

If you have pets at home, Shark Navigator is suitable to handle pet’s hair due to the motorized brush bar that easily lift up the fur and captures most of it with a couple of pass around the carpet or rugs.

Do take note that the Shark Navigator Freestyle does not come with any accessories or attachment to support upholstery cleaning so this vacuum is meant to be floor cleaner only.

The Shark Navigator freestyle only comes with 1-year warranty.


The Shark Navigator Freestyle SV1106 bagless, cordless stick vacuum is the right one if you’re looking for low budget vacuum and you live in small to medium-sized homes.

The lightweight makes it highly maneuverability, and the convenient foot-switch power comes with 2 settings for bare floor and carpet.

Overall the performance is very good at removing pet hair, small and larger particles. Power suction is quite good as well considering this is a cordless vacuum.

The runtime might be an issue here that only will around 15 minutes but it comes with a low price and considering all the features it has, it is an excellent value for money.

Check out the Shark Navigator Freestyle


  • Very affordable for budget conscious buyer
  • very convenient as the power button can be turn on with your feet
  • Self-standing
  • extra large dirt cup - 1.5 liter
  • Good cleaning performance on floor and carpet
  • Battery can be replaced
  • Lightweight
  • Short time charging - 4 hours


  • Short battery life - 15 minutes runtime
  • Struggle on thicker carpet
  • Plastic material used on body might not durable
  • Meant for floor cleaning only.
  • No accesories or attachment tools included

Cordless Upright Vacuum Buyer’s Guide

What To Look For When Buying Cordless Vacuum

Battery: Types of battery used in the cordless vacuum cleaner such as Lithium-Ion (Li-on) and how much voltage to starts up the motor.

The battery voltage does not indicate the suction power.

Charging Time: What is the battery charging duration until fully charged. The charging duration is based on what the manufacturer provide or by buyer’s review.

Run Time - How long the vacuum cleaner will operates until the battery completely runs out.

Suction Power (Air watts) - Usually the suction power is measured directly on the vacuum inlet of the cordless vacuum.

Motorized Cleaner Head - The vacuum cleaner head that equipped with powered brush bar rotates to pick up more dirts like fine and larger particles and pets hair from different surface such as bare floor or carpets and rugs. This cleaning element is needed for better efficiency in lifting hair and dust.

Versatility - Do take note there are various types of cordless vacuum in the market. They may come with 2-in-1 function where it can be convert into handheld, it has setting to handle carpet and bare floor effectively.

However there is some vacuum only can operates strictly on floor only. It is advisable to look for features you need the most.

Weight - How heavy the cordless vacuum weighs usually measured in pounds. Most of the cordless vacuum in the market weighs under 10 pounds. The light weight cordless vacuum will be ideal for cleaning above the floor and easy to maneuver in any areas.

Rating - What is the rating in user review of that particular cordless vacuum. If the rating is great with many people using it, highly possible the vacuum build is with good quality.

Filtration - If you are particular about filtration system were used by the filters, go for cordless vacuum that comes with HEPA filters or at least multiple filtration layer.

Some filter’s do not provide adequate quality filtration might cause issue for those who are sensitive towards allergen, dust, mites and etc.

Price - Depending on which brand some vacuum that comes from a strong leading brand with patented one of the kind features might come with higher price. One of the vacuum that comes with high price tag is the well known Dyson brand.

For instance, the V8 is their top range premium vacuum that is build with industrial grade which will last for years. The V8’s fade-free powerful suction derived from patented technology features which is called the 2 Tiers Radial Cyclones - 15 cyclones, arranged in two tiers creates powerful consistent airflow.

Attachments: What are the tools and accessories you will get when you purchase this cordless vacuum such as bristle brush tool, crevice tool, wand, docking station and additional batteries.

Final Thoughts

Now if you had read through the reviews thoroughly, each of the vacuum works best and excel at specific use.

You should able to narrow down your scope by outline a few questions:

For instance:

Shark IONFlex is a versatile cordless vacuum that has Multi-Flex technology to bend the wand to reach difficult area. It can be convert into cordless as well.

Dyson has the best overall in cleaning tasks such as the V8 Absolute has different motorized head to handle carpet and bare floor and can be converted to handheld as well.

It provides the best suction power in max power mode compared the rest of the cordless vacuum. However, Dyson’s cordless vacuum usually comes with hefty price tag.

Eufy HomeVac is the only cordless vacuum that provides the longest run time up 50 minutes and it works strictly only on floor cleaning only. But longer run time enables you to cover larger area.

If you have pets at home and and looking the most inexpensive cordless vacuum to handle pet’s hair would be the Shark Navigator Freestyle.

This is the end of reviews of the best cordless vacuum cleaner that I have rounded up. I hope this review article able to assist you in selecting the right cordless vacuum according to your needs.

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