Best Electric Food Processor: Reviews and Comparison

Want to know which has a whole range for your kitchen task?

Best Electric Food Processor: Reviews and Comparison

A modern food processor is a helpful kitchen appliance that capable to take over your tedious task usually done with shredder, slicer tool or knife. Not only featuring wide range of versatility, it can deliver a satisfying restaurant quality result.

Best Electric Food Processor To Buy 2019

A modern food processor is equipped with multi-function capabilities, not only limited to chop, slice and shred but it also can produce different thickness of slicing, kneading dough, grinding, puree and mixing.

There are so many choices of food processor you can find in market in wide range of prices but they are often expensive. This kitchen appliance usually comes with higher price tag but doesn’t mean they are reliable or excel at all basic kitchen task.

Therefore, the only way to get the right one is to look for manufacturer with strong brand identity specialized in kitchen appliances such as Breville, Cuisinart, Ninja, or Hamilton. However, you’ll need spend many hours of research for each of them as well.

Fortunately, we have done heavy-lifting for you, each of every electric food processor we listed in this review are the best of its own class in value such as the motor power range, 3 to 16 cups capacity, great range of versatility, restaurant quality processing, and high to low budget range.

You should outline a list of priorities when it comes to factors of consideration when you are deciding for the right electric food processor.

But before you go through the in-depth review of each electric food processor, I would suggest you to go through the buyer’s guide to understand which tabletop food processor is in the right range of your budget and expectations.

ModelWattCapacity (Cups)Price
Breville BFP800XL Food Processor1,20016Price
Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Food Processor72014Price
Hamilton Beach 70820 Food Processor4508Price
Braun FP3020 Food Processor60012Price
Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Food Processor2503Price

What are the Top Best Electric Food Processor to Buy in 2019?

1.Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Review - Best High End and Versatility Food Processor

If you’re very particular of getting a high performance food processors that can take on almost everything you throw in from chopping, pureeing, mixing and kneading, this is the one you’re looking for.

Despite of its hefty price tag, the Breville Sous Chef is the most powerful food processor you can ever get, powered with 1,200-watt induction motor and covered with worry-free 25 years warranty.

The best feature you can get from BFP800XL is the masterchef quality food processing and amazing range of versatility.

The size of this countertop food chopper is the largest we have ever tested, suitable for big size family or anyone in food business. The full size Sous Chef comes with 2 work bowls which has the capacity of 16 cup and 2.5 cup bowl.

A small detail feature we liked on the Sous Chef BFP800XL was the precision measurement marked on all pushers and bowls which is very significant to handle all kitchen task.

The Breville Sous Chef feature a 2-in-1 super wide feed chute that measured at 5.5 inch. It can fit in whole vegetables or whole potato without cutting into smaller size.

The BFP800XL is smart enough to have smaller feed tube on the large pusher incase you need to add on ingredient at continuously process.

The large pusher need to be in position before you can start the operation except for the smaller pusher whether it is in or out. This is due to Breville Safety Interlock System.

The wide range of versatility of the Breville Sous Chef indeed is the best because it can process all sorts of food easily by using interchangeable 8 multi-function discs and blades.

We liked the “S” shaped blades that comes with small and big size which is super sharp to easily chop and mince any veggie or meat.

Another attachment we loved was the amazing variable slicing disc that has option of switching to any 24 slicing thickness settings from 0.3mm to 8.0mm.

It produces great consistency when slicing cucumber, potatoes and tomatoes into paper thin to thicker texture which conveniently symmetrical, giving us a most satisfying experience.

If you’re a huge fan of french fries, it comes with a french fry blade as well. It cuts whole form of potato in just a second and suprisingly, the size of the each fries are perfectly cut with restaurant quality.

A smart shredder blade is also one of our favourite in the test. It is reversable on both sides for coarser or flip it over for fine shredder. The shredded potatoes texture is very equal and consistent similar to chef’s knife skill.

All of the cutting disc we tested were super sharp and high precision because it literally cuts all the ingredients effortlessly and leaving no mess the side of the disc or bowl.

You’ll get a nice looking compact container to store all the 8 disc and blades.

On the control panel, it has LED display screen supported with backlit which makes it highly readable. You can programme the timer for precision such as making dough and almond butter.


The Breville Sous Chef BFP800XL no doubt is the best electric food processor due to high quality construction, wide range of versatility and easy to use. The high powered 1200-watt motor suprisingly produces low noise and performed greatly at all basic task.

The Sous Chef food processor produces the best processing food quality compared to other high end machine.

This is the right food processor for you if money is not an object, you’ll definitely enjoy the restaurant quality processing with great versatility. Moreover 25-year warranty is the longest coverage you can ever get in this business industry so the investment on this high end food processor is definitely worth the value.

Check Out the Breville BFP800XL


  • High quality build
  • Powerful motor - 1200-watt
  • Extremely long warranty coverage - 25 years
  • very wide range of versatility
  • Excellent performance
  • Wide feed chute - 5.5 inch
  • Readable LCD display
  • Timer feature
  • Great customer service
  • 8 disc and blades attachment
  • Compact storage for blades
  • Comes with big and small bowls
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to assemble


  • Hefty price tag
  • Difficult to clean
  • Not encourage for dish washing especially on plastic parts

2.Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY - Best Buy Smart Food Processor under $200

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY is by far the best large food processor under $200. In this Cuisinart food processor review, we had outline all of its advantages and why we love the DFP-14BCNY.

The best feature you’ll enjoy having this high end food processor is heavy-duty powerful motor and wide range of versatility to process ingredients differently.

This food processor unit includes 3 stainless steel disc and blades with seven food preparation functions from the simple operation on/off, pulse button only.

The Cuisinart 14-cup food processor is powered by heavy-duty 720-watt motor which is strong enough to chop, slice, shred any hard and coarse food. It cuts through with ease and super fast without any effort unlike other conventional food processor.

The large 14-cups bowl is indeed suitable for large households or making delicous pureed soup with half of the bowl.

What we love about this Cuisinart 14-cup food processor is the 5 inch wide feed chute. You can put a whole form of potato through the tube for shred and slice.

The large pusher has a feed tube in the middle of it so you can add in liquid or smaller ingredient while the motor is running. The blades will not work until the large pusher cover at least half an inch on the feed tube.

Interms of food quality processing, the Cuisinart 14-cup machine performance was outstanding like high class restaurant quality, comparable to the Breville.

The chopping S blade cuts through tomato effortlessly and diced evenly just with a few pulses. If you wanted to make sauce, just press the “ON” button, the blade will spin continuously until it turns into tomato puree.

Using the S blade makes a great butter dough as well. It does indeed helps to cut down alot of preparation time.

Do take note that make sure you remove the bowl before removing the blades in the middle to avoid any particles or liquid spill in the middle hole directly to the motor base.

Slicing quality was great, we use carrots, cucumber and red pepper. All of the slices texture is very smooth and even. The slicing process was quick and easy as well. To use the slicing disc, make sure you attached with the stand so the disc will stay above the bowl and just right below the feed tube.

Same goes to shredding disc, we uses cabbage and carrot for shredding and the result came truly satisfying. The shredding process was quick and effortlessly, there is no clogging issues at all.

You’ll find leftover pieces on top ot the blade but that is very normal. The shredded potato and cabbage texture were very nice and even just like the restaurant quality.

The bowl, blades, pusher are all dishwasher safe and it is recommended to be washed on top shelf only.


The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY food processor is a great unit that can take process any tough food without fading its power.

Although its performance was excellent, but it placed slightly under Breville due to adjustable slicing tool by Breville, shredding were even and crisp by Cuisinart but not most of it like Breville and the DFP-14BCNY lacking of dough blade.

All in all, this model is worth the value for money considering the price just under $200, it can deliver you a restaurant quality performance. Moreover with 5 year motor warranty, its a total safe buy and its our top pick for anyone who wish to upgrade or not spending more than $200.

Check Out the Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY


  • Nice looking design
  • Powerful 720-watt motor
  • large capacity bowl - 14-cup
  • Wide range of versatility
  • Extra large feed tube
  • Simple single touch operation
  • 7 food prep functions
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet operation
  • High Performance just under $200
  • Dishwasher safe parts


  • no special blade for kneading dough
  • Large footprint
  • Very heavy
  • Food or particles easily get into the motor without removing the bowl first.

3. Hamilton Beach 70820 - Best Value Food Processor Under $100

The Hamilton Beach 70820 is a newly launched 8-cup food processor in this year and at the same time, its performance was outstanding interms of:

Thanks to its Stack & Snack design, assembling all the parts was very easy and intuitive right out from the box. Just stack the working bowl right on the base without twisting, same does when inserting blades, scraper and lid into place and finally pull up the metal locking arm to secure all parts in place.

The base of this Hamilton Beach is made of stainless steel and strong polycarbonate plastic which is durable for long term use.

The food processing quality overall was great, we are satisfied with its multifunction capabilities with 4 attachment.

Another smart slicing disc with various thickness setting which similar to Breville but only available up to 6 setting. We tried slicing with cucumber and potato, overall it nicely slice through with different thickness setting.

We really appreciate that it came with dough blade with this Hamilton Beach 70820 food processor. So far the kneadding result was good which able to shape into smooth ball to great loaf with nice exterior crust.

Although it was powered with 450-watt motor, it can still handle hard ingredient and perform all range of food processing efficiently.

We tried shredding and chopping using carrots and zucchini, the power maintained peak at all time. The S blade and coarse shredding blade cuts with a breeze and very quick as well.

While the ingredients build up on the sides of bowl, you don’t have to open up the lid and scrape it using spatula anymore because the amazing built-in bowl scrapper save you all the hassle by just twist the bar on top to clear the sides.

Cleaning can be done just a few minutes because all of the attachment are dishwasher-safe

Suprisingly, this Hamilton model came with convenient storage for all attachment. Its compact size is very easy to fit in anywhere of kitchen cabinet.

It comes with cord storage in the base to keep your kitchen countertop looks neat.


If you are looking for the best value out of $99 food processor which is adequately powerful to handle variety of kitchen task, the Hamilton Beach 70820 is the right machine to opt for.

With its super sharp S blades and very tight seal enables you to cook soup, making creamy peanut butter or even baby food. It works twice as fast and total safe from leakage.

Its a safe purchase since we have tested and liked of how easy this machine it detach and assemble by click in place right away and the wise built-in scrapper come in handy for every single task.

Check Out the Hamilton Beach 70820


  • Worth value for money
  • Wide range of versatility - slice, puree, chop, shred, knead
  • Stack & Snap design
  • Built-in bowl scrapper
  • Simple and intuitive control panel
  • Durability
  • Quiet
  • More option for slice thickness setting
  • All attachment are dishwasher-safe
  • Excellent for basic kitchen task


  • Heavy base
  • Large footprint for small kitchen
  • Not suitable if you’re looking for heavy-duty motor

4. Braun FP3020 - Best for Multipurpose Food Processor

The Braun FP3020 is a mid-range high performance food processor. It is design to produce huge amount of foods up to 12 cups, suitable for bigger size family or food businesses.

The Braun FP3020 has wide range of versatility which will definitely satisfy any homechef because of its capability to handle variety of kitchen task with 7 attachment blades for chopping, slicing, whisk, knead, shredding, dicing and as a bonus, it can convert into juicer with juicing attachment.

It is equipped with high performance motor powered with 600 watts but when needed for heavier task, it can be deliver up to 900-watt peak power. Therefore, the FP3020 can easily process harder and coarser ingredients with its extraordinary power.

Both of the bowl and the pusher has the measurement marking on it which makes your kitchen task easier.

This food processor by far has the most speed setting control up to 15 pre-set speed and pulse control. For instance, if you are chopping onions with S shaped blade, set your speed at the highest and pulse it for a few times and you’ll get your food chopped and diced evenly.

You don’t have to cut your ingredient into tiny pieces for chopping due to bigger bowl and powerful motor. Chop them into 2 inch size and you’re good to put all in the bowl.

The downside of this food processor is having a small size feed chute that measured around 3 inch diameter. It can hardly fit in the whole apple so you’ll have to chop them into quarter size.

It only applies when you’re using disc for all cutting insert such as shredding, slicing and grating because the disc is place above the bowl, right below the feed tube.

The Braun FP3020 produce a suprisingly quiet performance which barely noticeable from the other side of the room.

In terms of food processing quality, the S blade cuts tomato and onion quite evenly. It is recommended to use speed pre-set at 15 for chopping and uses pulse button to avoid over processing unless you’re going for puree.

You can even make soup and sauces with this food processor effectively which is great because the liquid can hardly splash out due to high and small feed chute that can function to release heat as well.

For fine and corse slicing, the cucumber, carrots, apple and beets were sliced evenly with smooth texture. Recommended speed setting is at 2 or 3.

However for fine shredding, it happends that the ingredient can easily clog the shredding blade, so you can switch to corse shredding blade for easier processing. It works great when shredding carrots, apple, and beets. Recommended speed setting is at 5 to 7.

Some leftovers small pieces ingredient will stuck at the side of the disc so you’ll need to clear up after the task.

There is build-in cord storage so after the food processing task you can keep the cord for easier to store in cabinet.

Cleaning is a breeze for this machine. All parts included the pusher, blades, bowl and other accesories are dishwasher-safe. Just clean the motor base with quick wiping using the damp cloth.


This is a well made food processor by reputable company and German engineers which can handle almost all of the daily kitchen task. What we like most is the ultra-quiet motor, high versatility and good quality food processing.

You can never go wrong with the Braun FP3020 even though it is covered with only 1 year warranty. Many users gave a great feedback and high rating for this amazing food processor.

Check Out the Braun FP3020


  • Powerful motor - 600 watt, 900 watt at peak
  • 15 speed setting
  • Juicer attachment for fresh juice
  • Handles liquids very well
  • Mid-range price
  • Worth the value for money
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Narrow feed chute
  • No storage for 7 attachments

5. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC - Best Food Processor for Baby Food

This small size Cuisinart food processor is very suitable for small households that wanted to prepare small portion of food. It is fast and handling lightweight kitchen jobs with ease.

Cuisinart is well known for its reliablility in kitchen appliances. The body is made of sturdy plastic making it durable and portable due to its lightweight that weights only 3 pounds.

However you don’t have to store it after use because it has nice and sleek design together with brushed chrome color that aesthetically pleasure on your kitchen countertop.

On top of the lid there is a small hole which is very convenient for you to add-in some liquid in the middle of processing if you needed to. However opening the lid while processing can stop the blades from chopping.

This is due to the safety feature from the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC so make sure the lid is properly locked in place.

Considering of its mini size, it has adequate amount of power at 250-watt, which easily chops and slices veggies, cheeses, onions and potatoes.

The Cuisinart mini prep food processor uses reversible two way direction of the ‘S’ shaped stainless steel blade.

On the S blade outer sharp side is for the chop function, while inner or the opposite edge is blunt which will reverse the direction via grind button.

Do take note that the control panel button works by one touch, which means you’ll need to hold on to the button for continuously chopping. Once release the blade will stop chopping.

The mini food processor of Cuisinart’s bowl that can processed up to 3 cups at a time only, therefore its a perfect size to puree foods for baby or children.

Not only your baby will be enjoying delicious meal, it is totally safe to consume as well because the chop button can function to puree that removes any chunky texture into smooth and soft food. Just hold the chop button longer until the ingredients was properly break down into fine particles.

Do take note that it is recommended to cut down your produce to about an inch before throwing into the processing bowl due to mini size and lower watt to handle coarser ingredients.

In terms of food processing quality, it performed greatly for making salsa, chopping parsley and making salad dressings. However, don’t expect it will produce a great consistency of having equally fine diced potatoes, tomatoes or onions.

Just pulse the ingredients a few times without holding the button, you will get the ingredient chopped nicely in a few seconds time.

For grinding wise, it produce great consistency for bread crumbs, dried herbs and peppers.

You’ll surely appreciate this mini food processor is equipped with a cord storage.

The Cuisinart mini food processor is covered by 18 months warranty period.


The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC mini food processor is a great kitchen appliances for lightweight task, preparing small batches of food.

It definitely will does its job well but not in wide range of versatility and powerful enough to take on harder produce.

If you do not have a good knife skill in kitchen, you can rely on Cuisinart mini prep food processor for dicing and mincing task.

Check Out the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC


  • Small and Compact for countertop
  • Light and portable
  • easy to clean
  • great for lightweight task
  • low budget
  • sleek design
  • reversible two way direction chopping for more control
  • perfect for producing baby food
  • suitable for small household


  • Only handle basic and lightweight task
  • Not huge in versatility
  • Low watt - difficult to handle coarser and harder produce
  • Noisy Operation

Buying Guide of Electric Food Processor

What is a Food Processor?

It is a handy kitchenware used to make repetitive kitchen task for food preparation that replaces your knife, shredder, slicing plate, whisker, rolling pins and many more. Each task uses different tools to prepare your food manually its very time consuming, draining your energy and hassle to clean up all the mess.

There are food processors in the market that runs manually without electric. It works by hand cranking but suitable for light task and limited capabilities only.

A modern electronic food processors will operate with heavy-duty motor which can cuts through all kinds of ingredient effortlessly with several speed setting for better control on your food texture.

It has also several attachment of interchangeable cutting disc and blades depending on what output form you need from the ingredients such as chop, shred, dice, or slice.

A food processor will make sure that your vegetable or fruits never go over-processed which turn into puree or liquified. This is due to food processor’s work bowl are wider, shorter and the bigger blades spins slower rate comparing to a blender.

A food processor require no liquid for food processing unlike a blender. However, you still can puree your foods or liquify if you prolong the chopping within a minute time.

What to look for in Food Processor?

You need to outline a few questions or requirement as your deciding factors to get a right food processor to assist you in kitchen task.

We understand that budget is always the primary deciding factor but you should take note that in some cases it might be better if you can opt for more premium brand. A premium food processor can be a worth of investment for wide range of versatility and durability which can last for decades.

Here are a few question that could help in narrow down the selection based on your specific needs:

1) Capacity

If you usually prepare a small batch of food enough to serve a person or two, or even for your infant, a mini food processor with 2-3 cups of capacity is sufficient for your needs.

For a medium size household that consist of 4-5 people, you’re better off with 8 to 10 cups.

If you’re into business which requires to produce big batch of food, or for large family and friends, you’ll probably need at least 12 to 16 cups.

This is the first factor you have to take note and ideas of foods you wish to achieve by ingredient from food processor by large or small batch.

Some brands comes with 2 separate size bowl that sit on the same base or can be purchase separately.

You can never go wrong if you go with extra cup capacity or larger size because you can always reduce the quantity of your fruits and veggie.

2) Motor Power

A mini food processor which usually works with small batch ingredients and lightweight task, 250-watt is sufficient to deliver satisfying result interms of fast and effortless chop, slice and shred.

A medium size food processor would require power ranging from 450-watt to 600 watt to cuts through larger batch of ingredients and powerful enough to handle more than basic task such as kneading and puree.

Anything ranging above 12 to 16 cups capacity should look for 700 watts and above. This heavy-duty powerful motor will ensure the performance is effortless and quick to handle wide range of ingredients and efficiency for more different processing task.

The most powerful we have ever review and the best of this category is the Breville Sous Chef powered with 1200-watt.

3) Cutting Blades and Disc - Separate Attachment

These attachments are interchangeable for different task that you’ll need to remove and fit into the shaft in the bowl.

The basic models of food processor usually comes with three attachments, mid range models comes with around 4 to 5 attachment and the high end model includes up to 8 disc and blades.

The most basic blade is the S-shaped blade which function to chop, dice, mix and puree. Some of the food processor uses dual function S blade that can be knead dough but from the other direction of blunt side.

The S blade function: Chop,dice, puree and make sauce out of tomato, potato, pepper, onion, mushroom, cabbage. It can be use to mix and make soup and baby food.

Other than that, the food processor should include the slicing disc and shredding disc as well. Some shredding disc are design as reversible for fine or coarse shredding texture. Just flip to the disc direction facing above and place it onto the shaft.

Slicing disc usually comes with fine and coarser size as well. Some manufacturer design the slicing disc to be adjustable thickness of the slice according to your needs.

The Shredding and slicing disc can be use to shred: potato, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, apples, chilled cheese, carrots, radishes and many more.

Most of the cutting disc and blades are made of stainless steel except for the kneading blade which usually made of high grade plastic.

Other Special Cutting Disc

Julienne Disc - Known to produce French cut which the disc has sharp protruding teeth to slash out of raw carrots, celery, red onions and raw beets to get a matchstick short texture slices which looks aesthetically delightful on the plate.

French Fry Disc - Cuts into thicker and short texture out of potatoes to make crispy and tender french fries

Egg Whip - It has 2 arm paddle that acts like a whisker that aerate eggs.

4) Sizes of Feed Chute

Size of feed tube is important when you need to slice and shred because all the veggies or fruits will go through the feed tube to process it unlike chopping you can just remove the lid and add in all your ingredient because S blade is place right bottom of the bowl.

A good size of feed tube is around 5 inches because you can add in the whole form of potato easily for french fries cut or shredding.

Moreover large feed tube means you do not have to pre-cut it into half or quarter of the fruits and veggie.

A large feed tube usually comes with a small feed tube in the middle of the pusher. It is suitable for long ingredients such as carrot and cucumber to keep it upright while slicing it.

To make it more convenient, some model even comes with storage attachment so your blades are well kept and easier to store in kitchen cabinet.

5) Solid Construction

Make sure that the motor base of food processor is made of sturdy material such as strong plastic or stainless steel for durability. Usually they are heavy as well.

As for the working bowl, make sure its BPA free which made of strong polycarbonate plastic if your planning to mix hot liquid soup. A strong polycarbonate material can sustain crack or damage from falling.

6) Noise Level of Operation

From our test, we experienced that mid-range to high end food processor which build with heavy base produce lower noise during operation compared to mini food processor.

Therefore, if noise is your concern you should go for at least mid range model such as cuisinart or Hamilton 70820 model. They produce noise level anywhere from 70 - 80 dBA.

7) Easy Assembly

This should be your another deciding factor when comes to choosing the right food processor. Assembly should be quick before usage and disassemble as well for cleaning.

Make sure it doesn’t require much part to assemble and hassle to lock it before you can start your chopping.

So far most of the models review above is very easy to use, assemble and detach for cleaning.

8) Warranty

Warranty coverage for decent range is around 2 to 3 years while motor coverage is from 5 to 10 years. The longest warranty period for motor is the Breville which is covered for 25 years.

9) Brand and Price

Brand does matter as well when comes to selecting the right food processor. There are a few of them are the major brand which specialize in manufacturing kitchen appliances and reliable for long run.

They are known as Breville, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, KitchenAid, Black + Decker, Oster, Delongi, and Braun.

They do offer low price range starting from 30 to 50 dollars, mid price range starting from 50 to 100 dollars and high end price range can goes up to $400.

Food Processor vs Blender

A blender uses a 4 prongs or 6 prongs small blades in the middle that basically spinning at super high speed rate which creates vortex effect pulling all the ingredients to the blade and pulverise out of it.

Its sharp blades and high speed motor that gives the blender easily to do puree or liquify task on hard ingredients to soft such as leafy greens.

If you’re planning to make smoothie, frozen drinks, margaritas or crush ice, you will need a kitchen blender to handle that task efficiently.

Although many professionals claim that blender can be use as food processor, but it can only work as chopper and a few pulses will do the trick. Do take note pulses too much can over-process your food became liquify.

Food processor uses ridged and razor sharp blades and disc that easily slice through any fruits and veggie with smooth, evenly diced texture.

The food processor blades spinning rate isn’t as fast as blenders and the bowl structure is wider and flat unlike the blender’s jug is taller for easy puree and pulverize into smoothie.

If you’re planning to make salsa, sauce, french fries, chips, sandwich, mince and dice before cooking, bread, and pizza, an countertop electrical food processor definitely excel in this aspect.

Final Thoughts

Overall a great food processor is going to help to reduce your workload for food preparation. You are going to appreciate the tremendous amount of time you save, less amount of energy you use, and no more messy kitchen.

All of the the buying factor in the buying guide will help you to determine which feature are the most important and that would narrow down the selection from the review list of the best food processor.

If money is not an object you should go for mid-range to high end model since they have huge range of versatility to process almost everything, better warranty period, durable and quiet operation.

If your objective is to lower down your workload such as chop, shred, slicing and make baby food, you may opt for budget range with smaller capacity model.

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