The Sous Vide immersion circulators will ensure your food in sealed bag is cooked to perfection via hot water bath with precise temperature.

Best Sous Vide in 2018


The Sous Vide immersion circulator cooking technique are popular in recent years. Not only it can cook your food to perfection, you don’t have make a guess for cooking duration with thickness of the cut that would risk your food to get burned or overcooked .

Some of the well known precision cooker that has strong establishment in US such as Anova, Joule and Gourmia. They are the leader and specialized in sous vide industry.

So What is Sous Vide?

It is a type of cooking technique created by the French. The food that you intended to cook must first vacuum and sealed inside cooking bag made by silicon. Then submerge the bag into the sous vide container heated precisely with Sous Vide or known as Immersion Circulator.

The Sous Vide device will ensure throughout the cooking process the water temperature remains consistent with accurate cooking time.

Before you get into my thorough review, we recommend you to go through our buyer’s guide to have a more comprehensive information to assist you in narrow down your choices before going through our list of the best sous vide precision cooker.

Model Watts WiFi/Bluetooth Price
ChefSteps Joule 1100 Yes Price
Anova Culinary (2nd Gen) 900 Yes Price
Gourmia GSV140 1200 N/A Price
Kitchen Gizmo 800 N/A Price
Wancle SVC001 850 N/A Price
Gramercy Kitchen Co 800 N/A Price

What are the Best Sous Vide Immersion Circulator to buy in 2018?

1. ChefSteps Joule - Best Overall with Advance Features

ChefSteps Joule

Although the ChefSteps Joule is a new player in sous vide industry, they emersed to be a strong competitor to best-selling popular brand, the Anova Culinary.

It features powerful watts, smallest size available in market and amazing App’s cooking guide that transform anyone become a smart cooker.

With Joule sous vide tool, preparing a meal is very simple by just immerse the sealed vacuum bag or boil in bag with seasonings into hot bath container with precise temperature. You’ll reward yourself a restaurant quality cooking every single time.


The ChefSteps is wise to create a sleek and smaller diameter at 11 x 1.9 inches that can easily fit in any cooking pot, and plastic container.

Its simple, minimalized, streamlined design with white colour housing making it looks premium, and elegant like the Apple gadgets.

When holding this small cooking device, it feels sturdy, solid, and uses durable material. That is definitely reliable for long hours of cooking.

Looking on top of the device which in silver color is a one touch button to sync the device with your smart phone’s App. There is a LED light to indicate your connection status.

At the bottom of the Joule, the orange color base is magnetic therefore it is very convenient and useful to place in metal pot. The magnet is strong will hold up the whole device sturdy in one place.

Another advantage is Joule can be positioned anywhere in between the pot and does not require any suitable pot’s height to balance the tool. You can place the magnetic Joule in the middle even with saucepan.

Will Joule work with polycarbonate plastic pot?

Yes! A big plus point for the Joule device that it has a standard clip on the back just right below the power cable to attach with your cooking pot. However opening of the clip is very tight and can’t be open wider if you have a thick wall of cooking pot.


The ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide features an amazing power to heat up at 1100-watts. The higher the watts, the faster it heats up.

This sous vide of Joule indeed a powerful immersion circulator that capable to circulates fluid more than 40 liters (10 gallons), provided in a well-insulated covered pot. This indeed significant if you are planning to cook bigger portion.

Do take note that for uncovered pot it is recommended to cook in water volume around 10 liters for optimum performance.

The inlet of the water suction is right at the base, therefore the heating works even if you have depth of water at 1.5 inches.

The water outlet is located right infront of the device where you can see it expelled out right above the base. The great thing is it doesn’t require the outlet to be submerged to work.

The ChefSteps Joule immersion circulator device is Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility. It is very convenient if your WiFi connectivity is down, you still can operate the Joule via bluetooth within its range.


The 1100-watts Joule capable to produce hyper fast heat up due to advance thick film technology as heating element that produce not only fastest preheat time but also operates with energy efficiency up to 99%.

The preheat time that we tested on metal pot filled up with 5 liter of water with tempreture target set at 140 degree F and suprisingly it took about 13 minutes only. Indeed it is very fast compare to other available top range in the market.

Another advantage using the Joule sous vide is its operation noise level is adequetly quiet when cook for longer duration. This is great when your cooking does not disturb any family member throughout the day and night.

The strong water circulation promotes evenly cook and consistency level of temperature that you’ve set. Although I’ve measure with other digital termometer, it runs off by 0.5-0.8 F, however it is not significant as each thermometers standard may differ from others.

There is another big plus of this device is you can control ChefSteps with your voice via Amazon Alexa provided if you have it at home. Just activate it by open Alexa app and enable to operate with the Joule device.

The Joule is a perfect steak slow cooker with perfect temperature that usually requires 2 to 4 hours. It works just like a steam environment cooking, giving a evenly cooked result from inside out without loosing its moisture.


The App is competible with Android and iOS, download and easy to link to your sous vide device by just pushing the button on top of sous vide.

The App is the main control panel of temperature setting, timer and start.

What makes cooking more fun is the recipes of ChefSteps’s. There is various of them that you can try and what makes your cooking smart and easy is the recipe is supported by Visual Doneness to show how your food should looked like at end result.

Moreover, the App will provide thorough steps of how to prepare, how to season it, seal it in a bag, preheat and immerse in the pot. Finally, searing your food in pan for better crust and flavour.

Not only you can visual it by high defination pictures, there is video to demonstrate the process and result as well.

The Joule is definitely suitable for those who are new, have zero knowledge in cooking and you can entrust this device to transform you into a great cook.

The Joule App will notify you from time to time if there is any update needed.

Warranty: 1 year


The ChefSteps Joule is a realiable sous vide machine you can cook with. Thanks to its fast heating technology and great cooking guide, you can now set and let it handle the rest like professional cook.

Both Joule and Anova is a great device, they have different features and App that target audience with different needs.

If you are looking for a cooker that produce perfect runny poached eggs, tender meat and retain nutrition value of vegetables, this is the best sous stick you should opt for.

Overall I would rate the Joule to be the best among all interms of convenience due to its magnetic base, low water requirement to get it run, and powerful considering of its size.

Check out the ChefSteps Joule

  • Hyper fast heat up - powered by 1100-watts
  • Advance heating element - thick film heater
  • Evergy efficient
  • Looks stylish and sleek with glossy white color
  • Magnetic base is useful and convenient to position anywhere in between pot.
  • Quiet operation
  • Not require a lot of water and submerse the outlet to work
  • Small and compact design
  • Powerful water circulation
  • There is no temperature display on the device, so you have to take one hassle step to check from your smart phone.
  • Not many people like to touch the smartphone while cooking. This might not be ideal to some specific group of consumer.
  • Only 1 year warranty
  • One Joule limited to one device only

2. Anova Culinary (2nd Gen) - Best Sous Vide For Meat and Vegetables

Anova Culinary (2nd Gen)

Anova immersion cooker is one of the best selling, popular sous vide in Amazon. It is the leading brand in the industry and direct competitor to ChefSteps Joule.

This immersion circulator has its unique competitive edge as well in term’s of its app’s amazing cooking recipe, interactive digital screen on top of the device, and WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity.

Now you can entrust Anova with its mobile app’s recipe to cook by just put your food in sealed bag into the precise heat water temperature.


The Anova device rather longer and heavier than Joule that weighs at 5 pound and 14.8 x 2.8 inches. However, the advantage of longer by 3.75 inches suitable for deeper pots.

The overall design looks stylish and elegant, where the housing material half bottom is made of stainless steel and polycarbonate bottom cap.

The top encasement is made by black color high quality polycarbonate. It feels solid and build to last.

It is great to see this device has a LED display to read temperature level and connectivity status incase you’re not convenient with your smartphone.

To place the Anova tool into the pot just attach at the side of it by clamp to secure the position. It is very FLEXIBLE to adjust on how thick your pot is and removable as well.

The stainless steel skirt is removable for cleaning after every cooking session.


This second generation of Anova comes with WiFi connectivity has powerful wattage than Bluetooth version, plus you can control your sous vide anywhere in your country.

This immersion circulator is powered by 900 watts(200 watts lower than Joule), however it still does its job very well on par with the Joule just that it takes slightly longer time.

Thanks to the LED display on top Anova’s device, you can check out the cooking time, current temperature and temperature that you set.

You can enjoy best of both worlds which is more convenient to monitor either from App or LED display.

There is a scrolling wheel that adjustable for increase or decrease temperature level. You can turn if off/on as well without control via your mobile phone.

This very convenient when you’re handling other food without needed to touch your smartphone screen with your wet fingers.

How does the circulation works?

The bottom of the of device there is propeller in the middle that acts as pump to circulate 360 degrees direction through the hole.


Powered by 900 watts, it uses coil to generate heat, unlike Joule that uses thick film which promotes better energy efficient.

The pump that circulate 360 degrees direction will produce excellent temperature control and it is capable to circulates 8 liters of fluid in a minute time.

In our test, we have set 140 degree F temperature as target in 5 liter of water starting from 75 degree F and it took approximately 20 minutes to achieved the target

This sous vide device features timer up to 99 hour for slow cooking according to your needs. If you’re going for a long hours of slow cooking, make sure that you have your pot covered or else the water level will drop due to evaporation.

During operation, this device produce low level of noise so it is perfectly fine for slow cook during night time.

As for cooking result, the steak cooked by Anova is very juicy and it melts in mouth! We cook it by following recipe from the app, medium rare setting, 150 degrees for 20 hours and it cook it to perfection. After that, sear it in saucepan for better crispy texture from outside.


The Anova precision cook App is available for Android and iOS download via Appstore. After that just start your app and it will automatically detect available Anova device around. It is very straight forward link to your device without any hassle setup process.

Anova collaborate with Serious Eats to produce tons of delicious recipe which you can never run out to try such as seafood, meats, vegetables, poultry and pastries.

This recipes is created by professional chefs and very easy follow guide with in-depth information and supported by some visual as well.

For those who are particular or serious into cooking, the world class Chef Ming Tsai’s recipe guide is available in Anova.


If you prefer to cook with App preset function first and monitor via device later, this is a right sous vide for you. You get to enjoy the best of both world of controlling via the device or Anova’s App.

The Anova Precision Cooker performance is above expectation and no skill required to transform you into a great cook.

The Serious Eats recipe is simply amazing, its a hub that collect largest world class cuisine that can be accessed via Anova App. All in-depth process is simple to follow that makes cooking fun and interactive.

Moreover, the price of this device is just below $150 only! Definitely worth the value for money. You can never go wrong with this device as it is the best seller sous vide circulator and received highest positive review in Amazon.

Check out the Anova Culinary (2nd Gen)

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Easy to follow guide
  • Various recipe and cooking guide
  • Excellent cooking performance
  • Easily to fit in any pot
  • Great temperature consistancy
  • LED Display availability
  • Worth the value for money
  • Minor complaint about the Apps having issue with bugs such as temperature setting, slow loading , loses connection.
  • Not powerful compare to other Sous vide
  • Several complaint about the durability issue.
  • 1 year warranty only.

3. Gourmia GSV140 - Best Budget and Powerful Sous Vide

Gourmia GSV140

The Gourmia GSV140 is the second generation, successor to GSV130 with improved circulation flow from 1.5GPM to 2.1GPM, suitable for bigger pot, and evenly cooked food. Besides that, this version has timer for better convenience in cooking.


This good looking sous vide measured 18 inches height x 3.5 wide (Top) x 2.5 (bottom) inches. It is one of the longest sous vide in this review. It weighed 3.7 pounds, heavier and longer than first generation device, the GSV130.

The GSV140 housing is made of polycarbonate material and stainless steel skirt. You have 2 available color option (black or gold) to choose.

It looks stylish and ergonomic shape handle with a clip handle right beside it. However the clip is less secure when attach on cooking pot compare to Anova and Joule but it still works for cooking.

The pump circulator is right below and the stainless steel casing can be remove for cleaning purpose.

This device has a LED display to set and monitor the temperature, timer, current temperature, on/off button and start button.

Thanks to its easy to read 45 degree angle display screen even from far away.

There is a wheel for you to scroll to adjust the temperature located right below the display screen.


This immersion circulator device is powered by 1200-watt which has ability for quick heat up. Therefore its a bargain if you get this device because this powerful device is priced under $100 only. As comparison it has 300-watts more than Anova.

This sous vide does not have WiFi connection like the Anova or Joule nor an APP as control panel.

The GSV140 uses coil as heating element and has improved circulation flow than previous generation, the GSV130. It can now pump up to 8 liter per minute and produce consistent and precise temperature.

This device features timer as well, suitable for slow cook on long hours.

Although there is no App available to guide and assist your cooking process, however if you purchase this device it comes together with a recipe book by Chef Jason Logsdon, a popular modernist chef.

You can always refer to best selling recipes available in internet as well to try out many more delicious gourmet.


Considering this low budget sous vide, it features high heating power that enables fast heat up process. We tested with 5 liter of water from 75 degrees, set to achieve at 140 degrees F, and it took only 14 minutes for pre-heating.

The accuracy of temperature is so far more or less in between 1 degree F via digital termometer and readings from sous vide.

Do take note the water level is recommended at MAX level to avoid loud noise cause by aggressive agitation of water when it gets lower. The device runs quietly at maximum level but audible.

Cooking with Gourmia is simple and the pork chop taste way better than traditional cooking style. First, we use the vacuum seal bags, remove the air and seal pork chop in it. Temperature setting at 140 degrees F for 4.5 hours according to the recipe book provided.

After that searing it in saucepan for more flavour and crispy texture.

I’m satisfied with the result of the pork chop overall.

Warranty: 1 year


The Gourmia GSV140 is suitable for you if you’re looking for best inexpensive sous vide and powerful at the same time.

This device produce a perfectly cooked meal with consistency result. To make your cooking simple, just follow easy-steps from recipe provided.

The reason why I recommend this over GSV150 is because the GSV150 priced higher and the WiFi availability that links to APP isn’t that friendly user and its not stable.

If you’re willing to invest a little more you can opt for Anova Culinary (2nd Gen) that supports both App control and device’s control panel.

Check out the Gourmia GSV140

  • Worth value for money
  • Powerful wattage - 1200watts
  • Fast heat up
  • Delivery great cooking result with consistency and precise temperature.
  • LED Display
  • Easy cleaning by removing the stainless steel skirt.
  • Strong circulation
  • It has timer
  • No Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • No App for control cooking temperature and timer and recipe
  • Clip isn’t stable as Anova
  • Noisy when water level is low

4. Kitchen Gizmo - Best Value Sous Vide under $100

Kitchen Gizmo

Kitchen Gizmo’s sous vide device is new entry to the market and it equip with basic features for hot bath cooking. This brand is well known for its wide range of kitchen appliances and utensils.

Comparing in among low budget range, Kitchen Gizmo is one of the top performer although it has minor downside but if you can overlook it, it will be your great kitchen partner.


The size dimension of this immersion circulator is 15 x 4.2 x 3 inches. Its big but not the biggest comparing to Gourmia and the Kitchen Gizmo weighs at 2.88 pounds only.

The first thing I notice about Kitchen Gizmo sous vide that is has fine design and pleasant color to look at. The ergonomic grip is build with rubbery effect coating and has a matte finished color that feels sturdy and doesn’t looks cheap despite of its price.

One of the reason it looks neat and fine is because the LED display basically covers the whole top surface area. The numbers displayed brightly and easy to read from a distance.

Another uniqueness design that you won’t find in other device is the scrolling wheel is located on top surface as well. It feels solid whenever I scroll it and the temperature numbers stop precisely and parallel with movement of the scroll button.

The clip equipped in this device is similar to Gourmia GSV-140. You just squeeze the grip and the clip open to attach on container.

Do take note if the pot is shallow, you are unable to use the non-adjustable clip. You have to look for right size pot to attach this device with right water level.


The Kitchen Gizmo sous vide is powered by 800-watts heater which means it will take longer time to heat up. However it will still produce consistent temperature while cooking and fluctuations more or less in 1 degree F.

The sous vide comes with basic feature without WiFi, Bluetooth, App’s recipe, and temperature control via App.

However, if you purchase the Gizmo Kitchen sous vide, it includes with great presentation cooking guide book. It covered all the basic cooking guide such as temperature setting, meat doneness, cooking duration and thickness.

Moreover this device can pump up to 8 liter per minute for even temperature in the pot.

Do take note that you can switch your temperature from Celcius to Fahrenheit via touchscreen button

Its equipped with safety feature that will only operate when the water is filled up above minimum level. Removing the device or the water is at below minimum level will cause it to auto-shut off.

This immersion circulator features timer in it and its great to set and go without needed to monitor the time. However, what I dislike about the timer is it will not start without entering your cooking time.


The heat up performance for this device is just good comparable with Anova. Started off with 5 liter water at 75 degree F and target temperature of Gizmo Kitchen at 140 degree F.

It took 24 minutes for this 800-watt sous vide to achieve its target temperature.

Cooking with Kitchen Gizmo is great. The medium sized shrimp texture is perfectly cook, juicy and tenderness is just right.

It is done according to the cooking guide provided with this device. Temperature set at 135 degree F and timer set at 30 minutes. Before that, I apply some butter on the shrimp and 2 cloves of garlic and a pich of salt. Next, remove the air, seal the silicon bag and submerge into hot bath pot.

Warranty: 1 year only


The Kitchen Gizmo simplified sous vide is a basic precision cooker without any advance technology such as App and high power watts. For budget conscious buyer, you can’t go wrong with this and it still produce great food quality just like Joule and Anova.

It is definitely worth value for money as the build quality is sturdy did not use any cheap material for the housing and I like its ergonomic design with bright color as well.

Check out the Kitchen Gizmo

  • Nice ergonomic design with stylish color.
  • LED display
  • Good cooking result and precise temperature
  • Has timer
  • Easy to clean
  • Quiet operation
  • Low budget
  • No sound alert when it is heat up and end of timer
  • Low watts means slow heating up
  • Cooking starts when only you set your timer
  • No advance technology such as APP control and cooking set up via phone
  • Only 1 year warranty

5. Wancle SVC001 - Best Sous Vide Cooker For Beginner

Wancle SVC001

The Wancle sous vide has a unique shape compare to the rest of the immersion circulator cooker and one of the best selling with high amount of positive review from Amazon.

This Wancle sous vide review will assist you in considering this basic range of immersion circulator.


Looking at its design, the SVC001 is build in “L” shape which is practical during operation to avoid steam or mist that might cover the control panel/display screen.

The unit felt sturdy to hold on and build with high quality polycarbonate and food-grade stainless steel sleeve that definitely will last for years.

This device only available in one color. The top encasement is glossy black color with stainless skirt at bottom. With the unique curve design, it looks as it from high-end range sous vide.

Due to its design, this device’s height is only 14 inch tall, one of the shortest device but slightly higher than Joule’s.

On top of the device there is a “L” shape handle for you to move and place your device in and out from the pot. There is a small trigger under it where you press it to open the clip at below for attaching the pot.

To detach the stainless steel skirt from the device for cleaning, there is the symbol right above it and twist according to direction.


Due to its curve and short design, this device needs water level at least 4 inches and maximum at 10 inches. It is quite disadvantage when it is 2 inches shorter reach compare to other device and the clip limit it to goes deeper into pot.

So you’ll need to get a pot or container at least 4 inches deep.

However, adding water can solve the issue but it would require longer time and energy to heat up to desired temperature.


The Wancle SVC001 sous vide is powered by 850-watts heater. Do take note that power will determine how fast the water will heat up to target temperature.

This device temperature can reach up to 211 degree F or 99.9 Celcius to cook your desired food.

To use this device, go to your control interface, set your timer and temperature by scrolling the wheel right beside it. The mini wheel has light so you will easily notice it. If it is red in color means cooking is not yet started and blue means its operating.

Once your temperature and timer has set, just press on the “GO” symbol at bottom of display screen.

This precision cooker comes without advance feature such as WiFi connectivity to your smartphone, cooking guide and control panel via App. It is a straight forward basic device by just set time, temperature and go via control panel.

The pump speed of this device is around 7 liter per minute which is quite good and suitable for 4 gallons of water to achieve your desired temperature faster.


Suprisingly, the Wancle sous vide circulate good amount of water around compare to other device. The outlet is all around the stainless steel skirt therefore the direction of circulation is 360 degree which means the temperature heat up is fast and consistent.

The water heat up is amazingly fast compare to Anova. Due to its all direction pump outlet with twisting effect, the temperature from 75 degree F to 140 degree F in just 15 minutes.

Another big plus of this device is the noise level is low during operation. This is due to twisting pump outlet reduces the water pressure thus water flow is smooth and produce low noise.

The Wancle will alert you with beep sound when the temperature is nearly reach to target so you can standby to dip your food into cooking pot.

It will give you another beep when it reaches the desired temperature and final beep when your food is cooked.

Warranty: 2 years warranty. One of the great reason to consider this device and Wancle is very confident of its product quality and durability.


The Wancle SVC001 precision cooker definitely is one of the best selling and highly praised by users of its reliability and easy to use.

This immersion circulator is equipped with basic features only but it does cook its food to perfection.

Although it does not have a strong company profile in sous vide industry, but Wancle is very confident of its device so the warranty coverage is up to 2 years. That is one of the reason I reviewed this device in the best sous vide stick 2018 list.

Check out the Wancle SVC001

  • Worth value for money - $109 only
  • Quiet operation
  • Great cooking performance just like Anova or Joules.
  • LED display
  • Unique curve design so the display is away from the steam and mist
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Great safety feature. Gives you a beep when it heats up and food is cooked.
  • The scrolling wheel in setting temperature jumps too fast.
  • Short heating element makes it hard to reach deeper into pot
  • You need to use tall narrow pot instead of wide huge pot due to its short design.

6. Gramercy Kitchen Co - Best Alternative to Anova

Gramercy Kitchen Co Sous Vide Immersion Circulator Cooker 800 Watt, Digital Display

The Gramercy Kitchen Co’s Sous Vide is quite new to the market since it was launched at July, 2017. The overall device is focusing on simplicity with no internet/bluetooth connectivity required at affordable price.

It has received many positive reviews and high rating since then and mostly were very satisfied with its excellent cooking performance with consistency and supported with great customer service.


The Gramercy Kitchen Co’s Sous Vide upper part is made of sturdy plastic material and only available in grey colour.

What I like about the design is the simplicity and the wide surface of digital display. It comes with green neon LED lit which is bright enough to monitor from a distance.

The overall dimension is quite common compare to others in a 16.5 x 8.3 x 4.2 inches that weighs 3.68 lbs.

It comes along with convenient storage sleeve for easy keeping in the drawer.


The Gramercy Kitchen Co is powered by 800-watts heater. Do take note that watt will determine how fast the water will heat up to designated temperature.

This sous vide temperature can reach up to 194 degree F or 90 Celcius.

The control panel is very friendly user, doesn’t take time to learn how to use it. All you need to do is toggle the temperature and timer by using the scrolling wheel right below the display interface. Just press the “Start” symbol once you have everything set up.

The Gramercy Kitchen Co is a simple device without advance feature such as WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone. Its a straight forward standard device which you’ll still achieve the same cooking result comparing to Anova or Joules.

Once the timer of immersion circulator is up, it will alert you with a beep.

Warranty: 1 year only. Despite of having shorter warranty period, the Gramercy’s customer service is very responsive and if you’re unhappy with the device, they will send a replacement or refund with zero question asked.


Pre-heating the water from the tap to designated 135 degree in about 25 minutes only by using polycarbonate container together with lid . So far the temperature accuracy was excellent.

In terms of Gramercy Kitchen Co’s cooking capability, we have tested out with a steak by added some salt, pepper, some herb butter and garlic.

Next submerge it in the pre-heated water at 135 degree and leave it for 2 hours. The doneness with this setting will be medium-rare.

After seared all sides with pan sauce by adding some butter, thyme sprigs and shallots, the result was fantastic.

What we get is a perfect even edge-to-edge cooked steak with pink top to bottom. You can never achieve this excellent result with traditional cooking method.


Overall, this simplified immersion circulator precision cooker surpass our expectation and the cooking quality was highly consistent just like the high end sous vide model.

The Gramercy Kitchen Co Sous Vide is suitable for those who are looking cheaper alternative to Anova 900 watt but without connectivity. Just a quick set up on temperature, timer and pre-heat, you can be away from kitchen until the food is cooked.

Highly recommended.

Check out the Gramercy Kitchen Co

  • Worth value for money
  • Quiet operation
  • Excellent cooking performance
  • Bright LED display
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Beep when the food is cooked
  • Only 1 year warranty
  • No smart features
  • Took longer time to pre-heat

Sous Vide Buying Guide

Types of Sous Vide Device

  • Immersion Circulators

    This device typically has streamlined-stick shape with height from 14 - 18 inches long. This immersion circulator allows you to cook in any pot or container as long as the water level reached the minimum level and best to cook with 4 to 6 liters of water in the pot.

    Just place the device into the pot, attached to pot with the clip, select your timer and temperature and let it manage the rest of the cooking.

    The heating element is located at the stainless steel bar (bottom of the stick) and there is water inlet that pumps in for transfering heat via heating coil and pump out with propeller.

    Cleaning is breeze by removing the stainless steel casing at bottom. Just wash it soap and water thoroughly including the coil and propeller. Finally make sure it dries before putting it back together.

  • Water Ovens

    The sous vide water oven basically looks like a crockpot with water in it. It has all-in-one function container with build in oven that heats up the water with precise temperature. The control panel and heating element is located right at the base of the container and it heats up and mix from there.

    It has simple step for preparation just like the immersion circulator as well, just add water according to water level marked on the tank and immerse your vacuum sealed bag into it.

    This device generally consume larger footprint compared to immersion circulator. But it has its advantages as well when it comes to cleaning. Just pour the water out from container and clean it with soap and water only.

Sous Vide Feature

  • Is Wattage Important?

    The power wattage that sous vide feature is very important to determine how fast can a water bath heat up to avoid long waiting time untill it reached desired temperature

    The power watts that build in sous vide can be range from 800-watts to 1200-watts. One of the low range power device is 800-watts Kitchen Gizmo and the highest is Gourmia powered with 1200-watts.

    As time comparison, to reach up to 140 Degrees F, the 1200 watts device will achieved under 15 minutes. While the 800-900-watts typically required more than 25 minutes.

    However there is other factor that contributes to fast heat up as well such as:

    • Pump outlet 360 directional after transfer heat from the coil.
    • Volume of water - the minimum water in the pot, the faster it gets heat up.
    • Covering top of water bath container - this can avoid any heat loss on the surface
  • APP - Cooking Guide and Control Panel

    Other than functioning as a control panel from your smartphone, the sous vide app has amazing cooking guide and recipe in it as well.

    The App is compatible with Android and iOS, download and easy to link to your sous vide device by detect available sous vide nearby.

    There is various of them that you can try and what makes your cooking smart and easy is the recipe that supported by Visual Doneness by ChefSteps Joule and Serious Eats by Anova to show how your food should looked like at end result.

    Moreover, the app will provide thorough steps of how to cook such as how to season it, seal it in a bag, preheat and immersing in the pot or even searing your food in pan for better crust and flavour.

    However these special feature only available in ChefSteps Joule and Anova Culinary only. I wouldn’t recommend others as they are not stable.

    The App cooking guide will makes your cooking even easier and convenient plus, tons of recipe you can try even for beginner.

  • Heating Element

    Generally all of the sous vide circulator uses coil as heating element except the ChefSteps Joule feature a thick film technology which result in faster in heating process.

  • Bluetooth and WiFi

    This connectivity that link to your smart phone to enable to control from the device App such as temperature, timer, and start.

    The Bluetooth connection is great once the internet is down but it has limited range in your house.

    The WiFi connectivity has limitless range where you can control your sous vide anywhere around the world.

    However, not all immersion circulator build with this feature. The well known ones are the Anova Culinary, ChefSteps Joule and Gourmia GSV150.

  • Is it Noisy During Operation?

    The noise produce by this device during operation is normally quiet provided if the water level is at maximum. Any noise that produce from the device is usually cause by the water circulation when the water level is low.

    Moreover if the interior has a smooth circular design, that will reduce the noise even further due to less water pressure.

  • LED Display

    Most of the sous vide circulator builds with display screen with intuitive control panel. Basically the screen will show you:

    • Current Temperature
    • Set Target Temperature
    • On/Off
    • Start/Go

    However the Chefsteps Joule does not have any LED display interface because they are focusing all the control via the APP.

  • Attachment tools

    Different sous vide has different design of clamp or clip that attach to secure its position in the water bath container when cooking.

    The Anova Culinary uses a screw clamp method that would tightly secure to the pot. While the Gourmia, Joule, Kitchen Gizmo uses clip to attach but not as tight as Anova’s clamp.

  • Reminder Alert

    Some of the sous vide device will alert you with beep when the temperature is about to reach the desired target, once it reached another beep and finally when your food is cooked it will beep you one more time.

  • Safety Feature

    This safety feature is important to avoid the device to burned out when the water depth is lower than minimum level. Once it happens, the device will automatically shuts off.

  • Water Volume

    It depends on each sous vide requirement as it has minimum water level labeled on the bar and total amount of water volume depends on wattage and how powerful the water pumps in to transfer heat.

    Normally water level would require 2.5 inches above the minimum level and 4 liter - 8 liters total volume of water in container. So get the right appropriate size of container but not too wide or deep.

    If you are unsure of the water volume, you might want to through the manual or instructions written on the box.

    To make sure that you got the right water bath container interms of dimension and material, check out the best water bath container and essential accesories for sous vide at our site.

  • How Precise Is The Temperature?

    Most of the sous vide claims that their device temperature precision is within 0.1 degrees Celcius and in within 0.5 degree F.

  • Temperature Range of Sous Vide

    Generally all sous vide immersion circulator can reach more than 200 degrees F

How To Use Sous Vide?

Step 1 - Prepare your water bath/steam bath container with right amount of water according to marking line parallel with Sous Vide stick at maximum water line.

Step 2 - Immerse the sous vide stainless steel sleeve into container and set the temperature. For instance, if you’re cooking 10 ounce boneless ribeye, tenderloin or strip steak, set it at 130 Degree F (54.4 C). and wait for the preheat.

Once it touches the designated temperature, it will alert you with a beep. Usually it will takes around 20 minutes for preheat.

Step 3 - In the meantime, prepare your steak by season it with salt and pepper. Insert the cut into zipper lock or vacuum seal bag. You can easily vacuum seal it by partially immerse the bag into water and pressure from water will remove excess air from the bag. From there you seal it.

Step 4 - Submerge the bag completely into the water bath container. You can either clip it on the sides or even better with stainless steel rack where you can place and arrange between it. The meat can be nicely arranged in between rack if you’re prepare multiple cuts.

Step 5 - Set the timer for 2 hours if you wanted to enjoy medium-rare doneness steak. Don’t forget to close the steam bath container with lid or water bath ball to avoid water evaporation and heat escape.

Finishing Steps

When the cooking cycle times up, the Sous Vide device will alert you with a beep before it shut off.

Step 1 - Remove the vacuum sealed bag from the container and carefully take out the steak from the bag. Place it above the paper towels and pat it as dry as you can.

Step 2 - Preheat the cast iron skillet with oil in medium heat until it shimmers. From there place the steak and sear until it nicely browned for 30 seconds each side.

Step 3 - Shift your perfectly cooked steak to cutting board and leave it for 5 minutes before you serve.

What to Cook with Sous Vide?

Steam environment or water bath cooking with sous vide offers exceptional control for every food you are trying to cook such as steaks, chicken and chops, shrimp, pork or bigger cuts like lamb legs.

The steak, pork shoulder or even ribs that going through the steam bath process will cook evenly from edge to edge, inside out with designated temperature.

You can achieve a perfect cooked egg such as runny poached egg with sous vide. Basically, it takes no guess work and you’ll achieve same result consistently each time. It should be done with low temperature at about 145 Degree F for at least 1 hour.

To sous vide a filet mignon with juicy and tender quality, it can be achieve easily even for beginners by just set the temperature to 130 Degree F (medium rare) and water bath cook for one hour.

With sous vide, cooking can be far forgiving if you accidental overcooking or set temperature differently from recommended. Therefore, it is totally great for beginners.

You can now learn how to cook with Sous Vide at home with easily access to many recipes from Google. Even more convenient if you opt for ChefSteps Joule or Anova you’ll get to access thousands of recipes from professional chef via the Sous Vide APP.

Is Sous Vide suitable for Vegetarian/Vegan?

Although Sous Vide kitchen cooker is popular with cooking meat and seafood, it isn’t limit up until there. It can perfectly cook many other ingredients such as fruit, eggs and vegetables.

There are thousands of recipes available that doesn’t include meat at all. Thus, it is a great kitchen appliances to have for vegetarians or vegan.

The greatest advantage cooking with sous vide are the capabilities of retaining most of the nutrients in the ingredients via sealed vacuum bag. You can hardly lock the vitamins, minerals and enzyme with traditional cooking method.

Moreover sous vide vegan recipe mostly resulted in greater texture and taste better due to seasoning or sauce infuses in ingredients while vacuum sealed in bags.

You can try some of the delicious sous vide eggplant recipe, tomato, juicy corn with butter and herbs, glazed carrots, garlic tofu, cauliflower, french fries and many more.

Sous Vide vs Slow Cooker/ Crock-Pot

There are many cooking appliances that cooks the food in fastest way and some works with lower temperature and slow cooking method. They both have Pros and Cons and it depends on what cooking results you wish to achieved.

Both cookers sous vide and slow cooker (known as crock-pot), enables to cook with own juices, that resulted a juicy and tender texture for pork, beef, chicken. The process of slow cooking are the most forgiving way which allowing you to get evenly cooked every single time without overcooked edges.

Cooking Time - Both of the cooking method of sous vide and slow cooker are going to take longer time to properly cook in between four to ten hours comparing to stove top cooking such as grilling or searing.

Cooking Method - The slow cooker uses a thick ceramic pot that usually located above the heating element. All the ingredients that placed into the ceramic pot is exposed to boiling liquid and infuses into the hot juices. It has limited two to four temperature settings.

While the Sous Vide cooking heats up the water from the heating element inside the sleeve, circulates the heated water around the container to achieve a precise temperature all over the liquid in container.

The ingredients will not be exposed to the liquid in container, instead under vacuum cooking method uses ziploc bags or vacuum seal bags to fully wrap the food and submerging the ingredient in the water bath container.

The sous vide temperature is highly precise and can customize according to your preferrence up to 200 Degree F.

Flavor - As for the slow cooker, all the rich of flavour and nutrients of ingredients that cooked inside the ceramic pot will spread the entire dish.

While for the sous vide ingredient that locks inside the bags will most likely sealed all flavours from the ingredient and each of the bags can be seasoned differently and different cuts of food. You have more optional and flexbility of how much flavour to add in for each bag such as black pepper, salt, garlic and many more.

Cooking Texture - Slow cookers are known to overcooking most vegetables because the thick ceramic pot are great in heat retention and the temperature isn’t precise comparing to sous vide. The slow cookers is a great cook for meat as the slow cooking process will break down the tissue fiber become soft and tender.

Sous vide is more forgiving and hardly can be overcook with water bath cooking technique. The heating element will not continue to generate more heat once it reached designated temperature and it will auto maintain the heat with exact temperature.

Your vegetable recipe is more safe to cook with sous vide and low heat water cooking enables the vegetables to be cook to crisp and meat texture is great in tenderness with moisture which you can achieve from professional chef cook level.

Nutrition - It is obvious that slow cooker can hardly retain nutrient from meat and veggies due to high heat and nutrient will spread out in the dish or loss in evaporation.

Sous vide sealed bag will lock all the nutrients with the ingredients inside, at the same time slow cook with low temperature to ensure high quality meal.

What to expect from Sous Vide cooking?

The under vacuum slow cooking method usually takes up to two to eight hours and some up to 36 hours such as smoked brisket with precise controlled temperature.

As a result, the low temperature cooking for meat, eggs, vegetables will be done evenly ensure inside is properly done without overcooking while the moisture of the food is fully retained. You’ll achieve a chef quality cook where the food tenderness and textures is impossible to achieve by traditional cooking method.

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